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5 gen z slang terms that hilariously confuse 'the olds' on Reddit.

5 gen z slang terms that hilariously confuse 'the olds' on Reddit.


If you're old, that's okay! Hopefully this will make it a little easier to understand the kids these days.

Did I just say 'kids these days'? I am... officially my father.

Here are some hilarious moments on Reddit that turned out to be useful insight into Gen Z: (zoomers? is that still a thing?)

1. Sneaky link

Here's a TIFU (Today I f*cked up) Reddit post by a 22 year old that will ensure you never forget this catchy term:

TIFU by accidentally peeing in my sneaky links mouth

Let me preface by saying I’ve always had a weak bladder since I was young and lately whenever I cough, sneeze, or gag I pee a little, it’s usually only ever a little squirt but it is bothersome. I’ve gone to the doctor about it and they can’t find a problem and just suggested I do vaginal exercises.

That being said, last night I (22f) was hooking up with my sneaky link (32m). After switching through all different types of positions he asked to 69 so we started getting to it. It was going great until I gagged a little too hard and let out a little squirt right into his mouth.

I immediately got off horrified and was ready to just get dressed and leave out of embarrassment. He immediately wiped his mouth and then asked if I was good. I’m still not 100% sure if he actually knows what happened or if he’s just a trooper and it didn’t bother him but after that I told him I didn’t want to do that position anymore and we just continued on like nothing happened and the rest of the time was great.

She graciously added for the olds:

SNEAKY LINK EXPLAINED HERE I have been seeing a lot of people asking what a sneaky link is some people use the term differently but, for my situation it’s just someone who we text each other late night to hook up, no strings attached, we don’t tell anyone about each other. Also we’re both very much single. If booty call helps you understand better then fine.

2. Cheugy

If you don't know what this means, you are it. Sorry.

According to Wikipedia:

Cheugy is an American neologism coined in 2013 (allegedly by zoomers) as a pejorative description of lifestyle trends associated with the early 2010s and millennials. This aesthetic has been described as 'the opposite of trendy' or 'trying too hard'.

3. Cap / No cap

Kengriffinspimp asked:

What slang word did you hear that let you know you are no longer young?

For me it was “no cap”

Cap = lying. No cap = truth

Then plantman01 graciously elaborates:

no cap means when someone uses a cap/hat to cover up their bad hair/receding hairline, its a lie. so no cap means youre not lying and cap means you are lying/covering up

4. Bussin

Halloween_Barbie laments:

Listening to my 10 year old son talk. 'Mom, this food is BUSSIN GOD ON GOD'

.. What? Apparently 'really good', as best I can figure it lol

Kaptein_Tordenflesk explains:

Apparently it comes from 'busting a nut' so your cooking must be out of this world lol

Okay... let's check the ultimate source Urban Dictionary:

'bussin' is an adjective used when something is so f*ckin good. usually when people say 'bussin', they are talking about food.

Like most of American society's popular slang throughout history, this term originated from Black Americans, and is considered to be AAVE:

Since the roots of bussin go back to the Black community, some social media users have criticized non-Black people for co-opting the term and using it for their own purposes.

5. Yeet

So, I understood that this was the Gen Z verson of YOLO (you only live once [so embarrassed to have had to type that]) but like most slang, it's taken on a particular use.

MiaMae says:

'Yeet' - meaning to throw something hard/far.

I like the word, but I still feel weird whenever I use it. My 6 year old plays lacrosse and I instantly regretted when I yelled 'Yeet it!' at a game ... cringe moment for me, honestly.

2PhatCC replies:

I was convinced my son made this word up. I kept telling him he sounded so stupid just yelling 'YEET!' all the time. He kept telling me I was a boomer (I'm drastically younger than a boomer), and everyone said it. It was probably 3 months before I heard someone else, who doesn't know my son, us the same word. I couldn't believe it was a real word.

BigTurnin writes:

I'm team 'yeet' for sure!! In my mid 30s and as a coach I love it. I'm young enough to impress with my skills (experience) yet old enough to make them cringe when I say it. It's a dads perfect storm.

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