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5 gen z slang terms that hilariously confuse 'the olds' on Reddit.

5 gen z slang terms that hilariously confuse 'the olds' on Reddit.


If you're old, that's okay! Hopefully this will make it a little easier to understand the kids these days.

Did I just say 'kids these days'? I am... officially my father.

Here are some hilarious moments on Reddit that turned out to be useful insight into Gen Z: (zoomers? is that still a thing?)

1. Sneaky link

Here's a TIFU (Today I f*cked up) Reddit post by a 22 year old that will ensure you never forget this catchy term:

TIFU by accidentally peeing in my sneaky links mouth

Let me preface by saying I’ve always had a weak bladder since I was young and lately whenever I cough, sneeze, or gag I pee a little, it’s usually only ever a little squirt but it is bothersome. I’ve gone to the doctor about it and they can’t find a problem and just suggested I do vaginal exercises.

That being said, last night I (22f) was hooking up with my sneaky link (32m). After switching through all different types of positions he asked to 69 so we started getting to it. It was going great until I gagged a little too hard and let out a little squirt right into his mouth.

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