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16 haunted house employees reveal the worst thing they've ever seen on the job.

16 haunted house employees reveal the worst thing they've ever seen on the job.


While most of us have jumped and screamed as a paid actor in a zombie costume pops out of a coffin at a haunted house, it's rare to hear the zombie's side of the story...

Getting punched by a particularly scared customer, catching couples hooking up in the mad scientist's lab display or unexplainably spooky freak accidents can all play a part in a seasonal haunted house gig. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Haunted house workers, what's the worst thing you've seen happen while on the job?' people who have worked a Halloween-themed job were ready to share the spookiest, scariest, creepiest and funniest situations that went down during a shift.


I gave a girl a seizure one time. That night, I was standing in a hallway dressed like an insane asylum inmate with gouged out eyes, and I had a little buzzer in my hand I could press to make the hall's strobe lights buzz and a long sound go off. I pressed the buzzer as a woman entered with her boyfriend, and at first I thought she was shaking with fear. Nope, seizure.

I broke character and escorted them out the secret door and flagged down a manager. I'm sure seeing a creepy chick with gouged out eyes trying to lead you somewhere was alarming for the couple. I'm not sure what happened after the ambulance came but I heard she was on drugs, and the company I was working for didn't get sued, so I assume/hope she's fine. - innogenchia


It was a few days before Halloween and I was working on the 3D side doing a 'magic trick'. A little girl was there with her parents and she was freaked out, but they were almost done and her parents didn't want to leave early. She got to my trick and peed herself. She cried and cried and was getting herself really worked up, they got to the next scare and she threw up. We closed early last night. - [deleted]


Another worker at my haunted trail got punched in the face. I've seen a woman pee herself. And also a young man literally drag his fallen girlfriend by the legs while yelling 'Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!!' - beautyofdisorder


I was part of a drama class in high school and we did an annual haunted house in October. One of the idiotic kids who was only in the class for credit helped out and went crazy in our maze. He would not leave this one girl alone who was obviously scared out of her mind. He got way too close, she freaked and ran out, and he followed her to her car. She filed something with the principal and the haunted house was cancelled the next year... - ChloeCrayon


I helped out at a Haunted Jail once. (I was working the electric chair dude) Right next to me was a cell that three girls (ages 10-13ish) were hiding in to scream at people walking by. It was pretty amusing, until they scared this one macho dude. He rushed at the bars and started swinging at the little girls, shouting 'IM GONNA KILL YOU B*TCHES!!' The girls were terrified and huddling in the back of the cell. Security threw that asshole out, I don't know if cops were called. I hope so. - imyreld


I did the Halloween attraction in a haunted fort for two years and there was at least two kids who peed themselves. I also scared a lot of adults - seeing people cower and jump all over each other is really hilarious. - berlin-calling


I volunteered at a haunted hayride through the woods. My job was to pop out and jump into the trailer and scare people. I got right in between this couple and the guy frantically pulled his hand out of his girl's pants. - xxphantomxx77


I worked in one of those Amusement Park halloween-fest haunted houses as a teenager.

Worst Thing That Happened to Someone Else:

Parents dragged their son who was maybe seven years old into the Haunted House, despite him being terrified. I jumped out all zombified, not realizing the next group included a small child, (we were alerted by motion sensors), and found myself face-to-face with a terrified little boy, frozen in place, tears running down his cheeks and piss running down his pant-legs. His parents just laughed. I doubt they took him home to change pants.

Worst Thing That Happened to Me:

Do you know how many people try to punch, grope, feel up, hump and molest theme-park zombies? - sig863


Some guy grabbed a girl's boob as he laughed at her and then proceeded to punch a guy dressed as a clown. 14-year-olds trying to beat up our 'prowlers' (people who chase you to your car) in the parking lot.

Some dude gave a zombie a wet willy once. He didn't get into the house yet and was thrown out with no refund; he'd already had the rules explained to him by that point. There was one time I smashed a metal fireplace shovel in half. I'd been doing it all night. When I hit it on the ground for one tour, the thing finally snapped and they all damn near shat themselves because it made me look like a small girl with beastly strength.

There was another time when I was telling this group of girls to exit my room. They were in a corner, on the floor, crying their eyes out and screaming. Every time I told them to leave, they'd flip out more. It was to the point that multiple tours were about to run into each other because THEY WOULDN'T LEAVE.

Thankfully, they eventually calmed down enough to get the hint that they had to go and finally exited the room, but god damn. Girls get hit on by preteens and older men all the time. I was a creepy doll once, but the creepiest thing was having an older man tell me how much he wanted to play with me. - Authiel


My dad worked at one as a crazy guy in chains (the chains weren't actually attached and he had a ton of makeup on) and he'd moan and scream and eventually would break out of the chains and kinda chase the people. Well, one time he saw his sister's family come through.

They had no idea it was him and he had no idea they were coming. They didn't recognize my dad, so when he saw them he broke free and bear hugged his sister's husband and took him away to the next room and it freaked everyone out. - [deleted]


The worst thing I've seen at my haunt didn't actually have anything to do with us being a haunted house. We had rain, wind, and hail one night and didn't get the message out fast enough to get everyone to safety. A metal sign came loose and hit a woman (a customer, not a worker) over the head at what we believed to be 40mph.

She had a concussion and spent the night in the hospital, but she was fine in the end and didn't take legal action. Other than that I've seen people cry, have panic attacks, I saw a guy get scared and bite his (presumed) girlfriends shoulder, one of our actor was kicked in the head by another actor who was swinging from a rope, workers who've cut themselves while preparing sets, customers who've gone out of their way to get into actor-only areas who've gotten hurt, I've been kicked, actors are pretty frequently punched. Somehow the job is still fun and I keep going back! - neimie


I got a job at a haunted house a few years ago. The day before my first day of work I fractured my foot. I wore a boot on my leg and they still let me work. Well, some people thought my boot was a prop and I had several people kick my broken foot. Eventually they had to put me up in the controls because I was a liability problem. That, and I also made 3 people pee themselves and one person sh*t themselves. It was a fun job. - mermaidvaginas


I worked at a haunted forest some years back. It had been raining pretty steadily that October, so the trails were pretty muddy and slick. At one point along the trail, a dude with a chainsaw surprised people as they came around a bend before a relatively steep descent.

Watched a man throw his daughter to the side of the trail at that point and take off running, then sliding, then rolling. Seriously, kids. Get a job at a scare place if you have the chance. Getting paid to scare people is fantastic. - harvmb


We used to have a haunted house every year in the fall in my city, but too many lawsuits forced it to shut down. My dad, who works for the city and saw a lot of the cases, told me about one in particular where this one guy went into the haunted house, but was terrified of clowns.

There was this one room where these clowns come out at you with chainsaws (original, right?) And the guy got so scared he grabbed one of the clowns and beat the sh*t out of him, then proceeded to run away through the tarp walls of the haunted house, causing it to collapse.

The poor clown then sued the haunted house for physical and emotional damage and had to be put on Prozac. Everyone who dealt with the case called him Prozac the Clown. - slothwhispererr


I worked at a haunted trail in high school. The worst thing that happened was actually to a fellow worker and not a guest. His chainsaw had run out of gas and instead of using a flashlight to see where he was pouring the gas, he decided to use a lighter. I was in the next stop on the trail and when I heard blood curdling screams I ran over to see him rolling on the ground with his arm on fire trying to put it out. - Shenaniganmaster


I had a door continually slam in my face every time I opened it (3-4 times) and when I finally said 'Stop it', the door remained opened. - kimlikewhoa


I worked one in High School my Junior year. I wore a black skin suit so that I was basically invisible in the low light of the house. I was told that I wasn't to physically touch any of the visitors to the haunted house.

The organizer placed me at the end of the house in a hallway with open rafters above me. I hung onto the rafters and waited for someone to show up. About an hour into my shift a group of teenagers showed up, and as I had many times before I dropped from rafters and howled at them.

The fun part about this group of teenagers is that they were packing knives. Every last f*cking one of them. They all pulled them and one shouted at me 'Who's scared now??' To which I promptly said 'That would be me.' I backed against the wall and the group walked past me THANK GOD.

A few minutes later the on duty police officer came by and asked how I was, and I told him what happened. When my shift ended 30 minutes later I found the officer helping the kids that pulled the knives on me into his and another police car. - Raymanator812

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