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16 people reveal 'the incident' that went down at their high school.

16 people reveal 'the incident' that went down at their high school.


Every school has 'the incident' whether it's some seriously hot gossip from the teachers or some salacious secrets from students. Watch out, 'Euphoria'...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was 'The Incident' at your High School?' people were ready to share the story of the craziest, funniest, or more scandalous event that happened when they were in high school. Yes, everyone has a story of releasing 3 chickens into the school with 1, 2, and 4 spray painted on them. And everyone's school endured the Great Pumpkin incident where all of the town's pumpkin's were stolen for Homecoming spirit week, right?


Our entire class of over 600 kids was kicked out of a pep rally for having too much pep. - Eron-the-Relentless


When I was a sophomore, it was known around campus that a specific set of lockers that was between the campus and football field was off-limits, because over summer break some kids blew the door off a locker with a dry ice bomb in a Propel bottle (shrapnel!).

Two years into my relationship with my (now) husband, he starts telling a very familiar story and I realized he was the fabled dry ice bomber my school had been talking about for the past 7 years. - HeyLikeableZest


During class my teacher and fellow student got into an argument over being tardy. The student got up walked over to our teacher and punched him in the face. The teacher was absent for more than 8 weeks bc of his mental health caused by the incident. Student was kicked out of school obviously. Never found out if he pressed any charges though - Neph88


Some kid sh*t his pants and threw up while we were doing a couple miles run, worst part is the closest person to him when it happened was his crush - toilet_ghosts


On the bus on the way home from a band event, a guy peed in a Gatorade bottle. When we got back he punted said bottle and it hit the ceiling popped open and showered his piss over a number of people. Several of us were called in to a room offset the cafeteria to fill out a questionnaire which literally referred to the piss kicking as 'the incident.' - freedom781


One of the assistant principals got drunk at one of the proms - CODMAN627


Students went on strike after all extra-curricular activities were canceled by faculty until the return of stolen school property. The walk out lasted two days, involved at least 98% of students and made national news. - Creatorschilde


Three siblings won this past season of 'The Voice.' Its a small rural school with like 40 kids each grade - Highly-Aggressive


I'm actually indirectly involved. I found a toy rifle in the bushes by the bus stop. It wasn't marked orange, so it might've been a bb gun or airsoft gun. Anyways, my friend, had the bright idea of pointing it at traffic.

Someone called the police, and the SWAT team was at school waiting for us! We had an assembly at the auditorium that day. Said friend also managed to accidentally light rubber cement on fire by playing with the top of a lighter he found at the same bus stop. Worth noting that this was around 2005. - Cuesport77


Four people were on Jerry Springer. - Leona_Faye


Someone did a sh*t on the seat of a toilet and few guys got a brush and brushed it out into corridor. Headmaster came along and thought it was a fake/joke turd and picked it up...every boy aged 16 and up was called to an assembly where the headmaster said 'today I picked up human excrement with my bare hand' a few boys couldn't handle it and burst out laughing...they never found the phantom sh*tter - R424c


This was one the lighter 'the incidents' at my school. Inspired by the movie The Basketball Diaries, the center of our basketball team made it a habit to m*sturbate on the roof of the gym. Unfortunately for him he got caught in a big way by some other students and a coach.

Long story short, he was given the nickname 'Stroke' and the cheerleaders even made a special cheer just for him that they'd break out when he got the ball. - Content-From-Reddit


Kid stole the whole bathroom. Sinks, doors, locks, hand dryers. He got caught ofc. But they never repaired it so the bathroom has no working sinks or doors. Got some videos I think - ClancyIsDuck


Somebody attempted to burn down the school but only half succeeded. They had to demolish the old part of the school where the fire was started and rebuild an entire new wing. Bright side was we got the first 25 meter pool in the county. - OLDGuy6060


Teacher (female) got fired and went to court for sending a nude to a student (male). The thing was though it was the student who took her phone, found the nude in her gallery, and then sent it to himself. His mom found out about it somehow - DisturbedParadise


I was at my grad ceremony and this one guy, while walking the stage, pulled his pants down and mooned everyone. Not exactly sure what happened to him but I heard he got suspended and got his diploma taken away from him. - yoda_81

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