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15 people share the lengths they've gone to for a lie.

15 people share the lengths they've gone to for a lie.


Keeping up a lie is far harder than telling it in the first place.

Most lies create a more intricate web of mini-lies that structurally support the bigger lie, and before you know it, you need an impeccable memory to sustain it.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the hilarious and awkward lengths they've gone to for a lie, and it's truly wild.

1. From monifas901:

I got married 4 years ago. There's this guy at work who's one of THOSE people. The type that keeps asking you when you are planning on having a baby once you're married.

Since we didn't really have much in common and he heard I got married, that's the only thing he could come up with to start a conversation. It was just water cooler banter.

I kept telling him 'when the time is right'...but he still kept asking me every time I ran into him.

'So, any kids on the way?'

'Hey, expecting any time soon?'

'Any plans on having a baby?'

I got sick of it. One day I just told him 'yes, she's pregnant, we're having a boy.' I figured it would shut him up.

I was so wrong. Jacob is 2 years old now, he started teething, he's said his first word, he keeps us up at night and...he doesn't f**king exist. I've told my wife about this and she thinks I'm an idiot. At this point, there's no looking back.

2. From wefenos317:

My parents wanted me to be in 'an activity' in high school. I pretended to be in choir from 9th grade - 12th grade.

I even had a choir robe (given to me) that I would dress up in, and actually leave the house whenever there was a choir performance - just finding someplace to hide, usually in an alleyway near my school.

One day, my mom came to see the choir perform. After the show, she said she didn't see me up there singing, but, I swore I was up there, she probably just didn't look hard enough. I also told her my name wasn't in the program because of a misprint.

I still can't believe she bought that. I did end up getting busted though, just before I graduated during a parent-teacher conference. My parents were not happy.

They were so angry, that they said they wouldn't even punish me - as this behavior went beyond punishment - and I'd just have to live my life knowing how much I'd let them down. It worked, because, obviously I've never forgotten it.

3. From Wheaurk:

I've spent more than eight years in the same residence. My neighbours are quite welcoming. Every time they see me go outside, they say hello, especially the wife. Every time, she'll wave, say, 'Hi, Rebecca!' and flash a wide smile.

Rebecca is not my name. At this time, it would be too awkward to fix. I simply had to take responsibility for it.

4. From ScalyPig:

In school, I accidentally left a notebook in a class. It was a new notebook and during that class I’d only written one page…a rather embarrassing page.

Well, I realized later I’d forgotten it and someone was going to find it and open it to see whose it was and be met with no name, just a page of writing so bizarre that they’re surely going to want to find who wrote it.

So I started faking an entire new notebook of notes and assignments using a whole made-up handwriting style. Eventually, the principle called me into her office and asked me if that notebook was mine.

I told her it was not and that doesn't look like my writing and I showed her my other notebook for comparison.

5. From Standard_Chemist_726:

My brother got away with one for 15 years because he doesn’t like cats.

Ex-SIL: “I’ve always loved cats but he’s allergic”

Mom: “no he’s not”

Brother: “crap!”

6. From monifas901:

A friend of mine pretended to be left-handed to switch his seat in class so he could sit next to this 'cute thin blonde girl that smells like strawberries' that was actually left-handed.

He learned to write left-handed and even switched hands for sports. he did this from 9th grade until we graduated. They are still going and he is ambidextrous now.

7. From Is_my_work_account:

None of my family knows how I met my wife. They think I met her in California through a friend out there when I was in the military. We actually met on Tumblr. We've been married almost 10 years.

8. From rirav73316:

When I was in 4th grade I punched the arm of my couch and broke my hand. I lied to my mom telling her I slipped and tried to catch myself and broke my hand that way when in reality I couldn't get past a level in Ratchet & Clank.

7 years later, I finally broke the news to them as to how I really broke my hand that day. They had a good laugh.

9. From MikeSizemore:

My partner and I pretended to be vegetarian for 10 years to avoid her aunt’s awful cooking. By the end, we were actually vegetarian.

10. From TheShrinkingGiant:

My wife wanted to name our daughter Virginia if we had one. She said we could call her Ginny. I wasn't a fan, so to dissuade her, I insisted on pronouncing it Jenny, and telling her I couldn't hear a difference.

We ended up with two boys, so it's moot, but it's also been 15 years, and she still brings it up that I pronounce Ginny wrong.

11. From Llafy:

I used to sit in my car for hours a day to act like I went out. I was too scared of my parents to tell them I dropped out of college. I eventually got a job and used that as a cover until I had enough to move out.

12. From TallEnoughJones:

It's a long story but if you ever see me around my grandparents please refer to me as Doctor TallEnoughJones.

13. From DullPiano8498:

I called out of work with the excuse that my truck had died when I was on my way to work. My manager at the time said he would give me a paid day off if I brought him a receipt for the tow truck the next day.

I said ok, hung up the phone, and began to panic because my truck was sitting at home in perfect working order. I went to office max, bought a pack of those contractor work order pads along with some receipt paper.

Went home and researched average tow rates, if it’s taxed, etc.

Forged a tow truck work order, went online and found some fake receipt website where you just fill in the info and it makes a receipt you can print.

Printed a fake receipt with a made-up to company’s name, and my friend's name and phone number on it.

Made sure the time on the receipt matched up with when I called out, made the handwriting look almost illegible on the work order, and gave my friend a heads up that someone from my employer might be calling him to verify the tow, just in case.

Took the customer copy of the fake tow work order, stapled the receipt to the top right corner of the paper, and folder it up to look as legitimate as humanly possible. Took a different car to work the next morning to make it seem more legitimate.

Set it on my managers desk the next morning, and mentioned that I left the tow receipt on his desk when I saw him. Never heard anything about it and received the paid day off.

Ended up selling the truck shortly after and mentioned that I had “sold that piece of sh**” to my manager to cover my tracks even more.

14. From GeebusNZ:

There was a 'softcore porn' sort of men's magazine called FHM (For Him Magazine) which contained a lot of interesting articles between the scantily clad women.

I would buy it regularly and read it in communal spaces in my last years of highschool. I was a closeted gay man and that was a part of my cover.

15. From wefenos317:

In college, I skipped an English class for essentially the full semester. I was stoned for most of college and made bad decisions like this unfortunately often.

While I was skipping, the original instructor had a heart attack and was replaced. Right before finals I went to the replacement and explained that the reason why I was absent for pretty much the entire semester was because I had mono.

She took pity on me and allowed me to write a couple of papers to make up for my extended absence and I passed with a C-.

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