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29 people share the moment they realized they weren't dating the brightest bulb.

29 people share the moment they realized they weren't dating the brightest bulb.


Intelligence can be measured in many different ways.

There are booksmart people, streetsmart people, mathmatically minded indivuduals, social savants and many more areas that we all excell in. Sometimes though, even the smartest of us have a weird gap in our knowledge that never got filled. The most shocking way to find someone you know has an uncommon misconception is in a dating scenario. Reddit recently blew up with a post asking readers to share the comfounding fallacy their partner held. Here are the top posts from people who shared the jaw-dropping statements from their significant others that made them wish people still used public libraries.

When did you realise that you’re dating an idiot?



We were talking about dinosaurs and he was shocked to hear they were real. Then he proceeded to ask me if they really breathed fire. He thought dinosaurs and dragons were the same thing. - alixnkxng


My wife would bring stuff home that said “refrigerate after opening,” open it, and put it in the refrigerator. - overmonk


When kids egged his car and he thought the best way to get the egg off was to use steel wool. - SassyAshlie


She didn’t understand that you actually have to pay what you spent on credit cards. Like the credit amount she had was supposed to be her monthly limit that just ✨resets✨ each month. - alphalegend91


She walked into a computer lab on campus and simply picked up a computer and walked home with it. She was living with me at the time, so I get home to find a very familiar looking computer sitting on the kitchen table. She literally thought the computers were free for students. It took a bit of explaining to convince her that she stole the computer. I made her return the computer to the lab that night, she left it at the door step. - watabby


My ex insisted on pre-heating the microwave. - seanm3109


My ex was scared of hedgehogs and convinced himself they could jump over a six foot fence like a cat. - victoria-euphoria


'Where does the sun go at night?' I was dumbfounded. - VagrancyHD


He thought you absorb a gallon of water when you shower 😂 so he didn’t need to drink water. - Wild_Butterscotch_7


When she was choosing random pills from the blister of a '21 active + 7 placebo' contraceptive, instead of following the arrows on the package. - RPND


The night I said that I thought I smelled gas, and they grabbed a lighter and struck it without hesitation. - Usr_115


When my ex asked me where they grew spaghetti. - YaBoyfriendKeefa


Calls me at work because her crumpets dont fit in the crumpet tray under the toaster... crumpet tray ?!? Had a look when i got home, clearly labelled 'CRUMB TRAY' - Whoopdedobasil


She refused to pay taxes, have a bank account, or pay for public transit. She told me 'i change my name every few years so they cant find me'. Like, shed go to the government and change her name. Legally. So the government couldn't find her. We broke up for other reasons, but this was the first red flag. - GreasyBud


One night he turned to me and said 'You're a bit of a scientist' (I was taking biology in high school, he was in college for music). 'Can you explain how I can take frozen yogurt from the freezer, put it in the fridge, and it melts?' and I, already concerned, replied 'well the fridge is warmer it's not cold enough to keep it frozen' and he the asked 'but it's still cold?' and I had to explain that there are different levels of cold? Somewhere along the way I said 'cold is the absence of heat like darkness is the absence of light' and he was so mind.blown by that. - marceliiine


When I found him angrily looking for something and I asked “where was the last place you remember seeing/having it?”, he thought about it and found it immediately and was amazed. He literally had never followed that thought-process before to find something. - Milo_Me


She didn't know that yogurt and pudding were not the same thing. She thought it was like how the British call fries 'chips'. She had been eating pudding and granola for breakfast for months and congratulating herself for being so healthy.

She also baked baby Jesus a birthday cake on Christmas, lit a candle and took it outside. When the wind blew the candle out, she was convinced it Jesus that blew it out. - MenudoMenudo


Doing a “fun fact about me” icebreaker in a group and his was I’ve never read a book. - Unlucky-Limit7968


I once dated a girl who legitimately thought we lived inside the Earth.

We were talking about SpaceX back when they were just starting to get more public attention. I mentioned something about how it was cool we’ll be alive to potentially see Humanity reach for the stars.

Her response was something along the lines of “Yeah, but how do they get to space?” Confused, I said “With the rockets. Like in the video”. She replied with something like “Yeah, but don’t we have to get outside of the Earth first?”

Dumbfounded, I asked for further clarification. She goes on to say, in a tone that suggests I am the idiot here, “We live inside the Earth, so how the fuck do we get out so we can reach space?” I then inform her “We live on the outside of the Earth. That’s why you see open sky and stars, and the SUN, and not more earth above you.”

She then laughs and states “if we lived on the outside of the Earth, wOUlDn’T wE jUSt fALl oFf?” Still, as if I’m the idiot. My jaw dropped. I responded with a simple “Gravity? The atmosphere?” To which she says “oh yeah, that. HAHA. Whatever, how was I supposed to know”. She told me to never tell anyone. But we broke up years ago. I think it was for the best. - ConsciousAardvark949


He could not find our country on Europe's map. The countries were written in bold, and the capitals too. - QueenC7


Stacking cups... In the dishwasher. - DoctorWafle


She kept stating the big revelation of her story with “lord and behold” instead of “lo and behold”. I told her she was using the wrong word, but I was the idiot because you behold the lord. - The-Distant-Blue


My ex wanted to start a business making supplies for baby showers. Her business plan was to sell everything below cost to to increase sales. After I had explained numerous times that you cannot profit from a business that will inevitably lose money her reply was that I was the idiot because if she sold them cheap it would drum up more business and she would sell more that way. - Stanleesteemer


My ex-wife. The doctor said her test came back positive & she said 'does that mean I'm not pregnant?' I knew at that moment I was in for a long ride. - mthw704


I introduced him to my stepsister. He said, “weird, you guys look nothing alike.” - throwawayadvicesee


She told me Apple Music was “bullsh*t” because it only had covers of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, and not the original. - JBinSA


I dated a guy who told me that horns in cars only had so much air to use so you had to use your horn sparingly and only when you really needed it or it would run out. - carolinecarrot17


An ex once asked, in all sincerity “do people who speak other languages think in English?” “What???” “Well all my thoughts are in English and I assume we all think the same way.” We were 22 years old. This was not a keeper. She needed to move for work and I… didn’t. - Vetinari-57


She didn’t want to watch the original avatar movie (blue people) until her uncle told her that it was based on a true story. I asked her if she meant that it was a futuristic version of Pocahontas… but no, she thought that it was somehow based on a true story. Then asked if I was calling her uncle a liar. Follow up questions, like asking if she really thought we waged war against an alien society, went equally poorly. - bearhos

Has anyone else dated someone, only to be shocked about the simple life skill or fact they had never encountered. Anyone brave enough to tell their own embarrassing misconception?

Sources: Reddit
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