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16 people share a time that customer service was so bad they almost pulled a 'Karen.'

16 people share a time that customer service was so bad they almost pulled a 'Karen.'


Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows that dealing with difficult and entitled personalities can send any otherwise normal person into a grumpy, jaded and defeated demon...

Still, there are indeed some incredibly rare moments when the customer is, dare I say, 'right.' So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the worst customer service you've ever experienced?' people were ready to share the time they almost had to yell 'I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER!'


Couple Christmases ago, I ordered those personalized M&Ms with photos on them. Shortly after ordering, I received an email saying there was a problem with my order - the photo I wanted to use had too many faces in it so I needed to call X customer service number. So I called. And I waited.

1 hour and 52 minutes later, a woman told me I could just reply to that email with a picture with only 1-2 faces in it. JEEZ, THEY COULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT IN THE EMAIL?! So I replied with the new picture, no problem.

SIX DAYS later I get an automated voicemail message saying there was a problem with my M&M order, and please call this number. So I called. AND I WAITED. TWO AND A HALF HOURS. For them to tell me there was no problem at all and my order had been shipped. Thanks, M&Ms. - [deleted]


USPS. I never had problems with them until I moved but once you have problems there is literally no system of accountability. Since I've moved I've had concert tickets stolen out of the mail and dozens of letters go undelivered or missing.

I've even had delivery slips left and when I went to pick them up they couldn't find the item. I've created multiple incident numbers by reporting it to USPS, then I called the various local post offices to speak with the supervisors, then I reported this all to some the city's consumer affairs department who I was referred to by the USPS supervisor.

Once I called the consumer affairs dept. they told me all the case numbers I had been given had already been closed by USPS, saying they'd resolved it all. So now I get my mail shipped to my office. - beercrafter


I had an employee at a big box department store grasp my balance assistance dog's harness, pull her away from me, and demand to know what my disability was because I 'didn't look like I needed' my dog. That was... fun. Definitely the worst I've experienced so far. - littlestag


A couple of years ago when you could still actually talk to a real person through Bank of America, I called with an odd question that couldn't be handled by the traditional number roulette menu. They had disabled the 'press 0 for operator' which used to be so wonderful.

Anyways, so of course I had to go through each new menu with the woman speaking 'conveniently' and 'comfortingly' slow so I don't miss a single word. Next, new menu. Get with someone finally, I'm in the wrong place and need to be transferred.

Whatever, fine. Get a new person, have to go through all my information before they'll hear my question. In the wrong place, transferred. Info, wrong place, transferred once more. It had been around 20 minutes by this point. Then I hear 'Hi I'm Susie with Wells Fargo, how may I assist you??!'. What. The. F*ck. - SmackadoodleJ


Husband and I were interested in upgrading our iPhones on AT&T. He was up for an upgrade 5 months before me. They won't let me upgrade when he upgrades, and say I have to wait the 5 months. OK, fine, whatever.

Well, when he upgraded he also opted to change his number because we had moved across the country and he wanted one that would now be local. Because we were on a family plan, AT&T insisted that I also had to change my phone number. There was absolutely no way I could keep my old phone number. OK, annoying, but whatever.

So when the 5 months is up, I go in to upgrade my phone. I'm told, oh you can't upgrade, you've only had an account with us for 5 months. No, I said, I've had an account with you for six years. Nope. Apparently, when they gave us new phone numbers (when I didn't even want mine changed, really) it set us up on a brand new account, erasing our history with the company. W.T.F.

Well it took talking to multiple CSRs on the phone and some major b*tching but I finally got my new phone. It doesn't help that every time we talked to a new person they told us something completely different and insisted that what the last CSR had told us was totally wrong. - mst3k_42


To start off, I am a server. I can usually tolerate a lot of crappy service, usually giving the benefit of doubt. There was a pizza joint I liked to frequent. One day, a friend and I went in and ordered something called 'Nutty Bread.' Basically gooey nutella cooked into a folded over pizza dough.

We waited and waited for it, I flag down the waitress and she goes looking for it. She comes striding back with it, drops it on the table without a word, and disappears. We look down to basically this burnt piece of folded up dough with burnt nutella inside.

I try flagging her down, she avoids eye contact. FINALLY I get her to come over. I tell her it's way overcooked and inedible. She picks up my fork and starts poking at it, telling me it looks okay to her. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: 'I've had this plenty if times before. Usually it's nice and soft and gooey. This is just overcooked and inedible.'

Her: 'Hmmm. Yeah. Well like, the only way I can see it is: It can't be super awesome every time because then your expectations will be too high the next time you order it!'

I burst out laughing. I thought she was joking. I even had her repeat herself, which she did, followed up with 'Did you want me to pack it up for you?' I did. And I am actually pretty good friends with the owner of that place so I swung by their house to show and tell them about my experience. The scream of 'She said WHAT??' still resonates in me to this day. Let's just say she didnt have a job by the next day. - ismileicrazy


I once left a book on the city bus and went to the main bus terminal to claim it from the lost and found. The lady asked me to describe the book, and I gave her the title and author and said it was a light gray paperback.

She found it and immediately pointed out to me in a very condescending tone that it was white, not light gray (all she really needed was the title). Whatever, they found my book. She then asked my name because I guess they keep records of that sort of thing. I told her, spelling out my last name (I have a long and uncommon last name that I always spell out to people on the phone, etc.).

She gives me this really snarky look and says, 'Oh good for you, you can spell your name.' I was so taken aback by her over-the-top rudeness that I said nothing, simply took my book and walked away. - allothernamestaken


The worst experience I have ever had at a restaurant happened a few weeks ago at my local Wendy's. My fiancé and I ordered the Dave Burger combo and A Spicy Chicken Combo with no tomatoes because she is allergic to them. My Dave burger cam with no toppings at all and her Chicken burger came with tomatoes and nothing else.

We checked the receipt and all the items were rung up as ordered so wet up to the counter to have out orders fixed. When we did the person making the sandwiches had a fit an argued with us that both our burgers were made correctly and were supposed to come with no toppings.

Things escalated when the sandwich person (I assume in an effort to shame my gf) made my fiancé take the burger apart to be inspected by everyone working and the people in line behind us. This obviously backfired and we got our new food and left. We called corporate from the parking lot and they tossed some free stuff our way but we haven't been back to Wendy's since and probably never will go back. - [deleted]


Called the IRS to ask when I'd get my tax return back a couple weeks ago, as I need it to pay my student loans and let's be honest, it's October and I filed my taxes in March. She told me that they'd send it to me once collection agencies were calling me for overdue payments, and it's my own fault for going to college and taking out loans. - TrueBlonde


I was driving back home from college, which is a 4 hour ordeal of 'go straight for 80 miles.' So, I typically take a pit stop half-way through and stop by a mall that's there and get something at the food court.

I decided to go to the Starbuck's in the mall because I wanted a pastry. And while I'm there, I realize that my dad will be the only one home. So I think, 'I'll get my dad one too!' So, I order what I want and then the guy asks if I want any drinks. I say no, and ask for another one of the pastries. He looks me up and down and states, 'You know, these are really high in calories.' - [deleted]


I have a friend who has a wheat-allergy so we asked a local pizza hut if they had wheat-free pizza at a party one time and they said they did, unfortunately another friend of mine also was lactose intolerant and couldn't have cheese. We ordered a wheat-free pizza and a no cheese pizza at a party but they messed up the order and thought we were pranksters ordering both wheat-free and cheese-free pizza's, so the pizza man came to our door with two boxes of tomato sauce with toppings on it and expected us to pay... sheesh! - AnonymousJimmy


My friends and I went to IHOP every Sunday night for the past two semesters to play CAH. We are normally there for a couple of hours and order things the whole time, tip well, and are friendly to management and the wait staff.

One week, we have a new waitress and an otherwise empty restaurant. She did not refill our drinks all night and didn't remove anything from the table until we asked her to.

Fine, she's new. But then she came over, while we were not even close to finishing our game and barely finished our food, to ask if we could leave so another large group could take our tables. In an empty fucking restaurant. We said we'd be finished soon and she sort of tutted and said she was leaving in five minutes so we had to go anyways. You never. Ever. EVER. Ask a table of well-behaved diners to leave their table, and it is not their problem if your shift is ending.

I'd have been fired on the spot when I waited for treating customers like that. We packed up our stuff and left and never went back. - [deleted]


There's a chain of restaurants in Pacific NW (and a few others scattered around) called Taco Del Mar. After playing racquetball, some friends and I walked there for some burritos. We walked in and the only girl working there was on the phone talking to a friend. We were the only people there, and we walked past her to wait at the beginning of the line. We waited 5 minutes while she just talked and talked. Finally, I looked at my friends and held up 5 fingers, then 4, 3, 2, 1 then said, 'Let's go.' As we walked past her I looked her dead in the eye and shouted, 'WE WAITED 5 MINUTES!' and walked out the door. - charmlessman1


I rented an apartment in college through a nice Landlord but they got bought out by another midway through my lease. After that, everything went to shit. The utilities doubled, hot water would go in and out, and they would lose our paperwork and say we didn't pay/were late on a payment.

So on the coldest days of the winter, our heat tapped out. It just didn't work at all. We were a part of a 6-unit apartment complex and all the others were fine. So we called to have maintenance look into it but they couldn't send anyone because they didn't have a key. Why they wouldn't have a key is beyond me but I came back home from class to find a space heater plugged in and turned on in our livingroom.

Shortly after, my Roommate came in to say there was one left outside the door. When i explained that i came home to the first already plugged in, she got confused since apparently they didn't have a key. When she called to ask them about it, they called me a liar and there was no way anyone got into the apartment.

When the maintenance men finally came 3 DAYS LATER, one mentioned leaving the space heater for us. I asked him how he got in and it turns out he had the key the entire time but the Landlord didn't send them out until that 3rd day.

I was beyond livid. I hardly ever complain but I was in near tears from frustration when I talked to the woman in the office about everything that had gone on. She didn't give any straight answers and after i called her out on all the bullsh*t that had been going on, all she said was 'I'm sorry, I just don't see why you're upset.' I told her to spend a few heatless nights in my apartment and ask me again why I'm upset. They never gave us problems through the rest of our lease. - BrytNAAAAY


Not me, but my older sister:

She was 20 years old, in college thousands of miles away, when she found out a very close friend died. She and a friend bought plane tickets from Delta so they could fly home and attend the funeral. At the gate, after checking in, and going through security and everything, the plane began boarding. They called by sections to board, and my sister and her friend were in the last one. At the last minute, an employee told them they were booted from the flight because they were overbooked.

At this point, my hysterical 20 year old sister and her friend are sobbing over the fact that they might not be home for their best friend's funeral. The employee isn't helpful at all, just causing them more grief and panic. In a state of panic, my sister rushes over to the door to the terminal or whatever and tries to open it, insisting they can still get on the plane, she can still see it out the window, it's there. Airport security comes to escort them away.

My sister calls my mother, who calls the next airline that has a flight, SouthWest. They are completely helpful and nice, insist on finding the (still hysterical) girls and helping them get to the plane as soon as possible, and letting them choose their seats when they got on the plane. Expensive, but great service. - Iam_Procrastinating


My husband had an old hotmail account he used for unimportant email. It got hacked and he contacted hotmail to see if they could get it all fixed up. They said, sure, for $150. To fix a hotmail account! Sorry, I have a stitch in my side from laughing at them. - cutencreepy

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