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Karen gets person 'fired' from store they don't work at; storms out humiliated.

Karen gets person 'fired' from store they don't work at; storms out humiliated.


'I got fired from a Farm Store that I shop at.'

I used to work at a West Coast division store of Kroger. My family has several pets and farm animals. So I routinely shop a local farm store, most of the time I did this after my shift ended which means I am in my work uniform - black slacks, either a dark red polo shirt or a button up grey shirt that have the store logos embroidered on them.

The farm store personnel wear jeans, t-shirts, and gold colored vest with the Farm store logo.

I was in the farm store looking at some electric fence supplies. This woman kept pestering me and asking questions about some jeans she wanted to try on from the other side of the store. I politely pointed in the general direction of the clothing section, she stomped off.

Couple minutes later same women is demanding I unlock the changing room for her. I'm rather irritated with her over aggressive 'Karen' attitude, and snapped 'NO! Now go away and leave me alone.'

Again she stomps off. I picked up a few items and started towards the check out when I get ambushed by this same woman who now has the store manager in tow. She is demanding I apologize to her. The manager just shakes his head then asks, 'Would yo like to apologize to this customer?'

'What for? She's rude, obnoxious, and irritating as hell. No I don't want to apologize.'

She screams 'I've never been so hamulated h-u-m-i-l-i-a-t-e-d in all my life. You need to fire him now.' (damn auto correct).

The manger is still shaking his head in disbelief when he says, 'Well ma'am I am not able to do that.'

'And just why the hell not?' she demanded.

The store manager is just standing there staring at her. I reply 'Obvious she isn't smart enough to figure out I don't work here. So save us both some time and fire me, then maybe she will shut up and go away.'

'You're FIRED! ' the manger barked drawing even more attention from other customer in the store.

I lean in closer to woman and 'Are you happy now ma'am? That's the third time he's fired me this week. Have a nice day. Thanks for shopping Smith's Food & Drug.' and I walked away as everyone listening starts laughing.

The manager hollers at me as I am walking towards the registers, 'See you tomorrow?'

'Yea, I have to get hay and alfalfa.' The woman threw down the jeans she was holding and ran out the doors.



My dumba** forgot the name of the sub and I thought 'that's no way to treat a customer.'

ryeshoes asks:

Why not?

awesomeadan responded:

If you work there, the best thing to do is to talk calmly.

boodlesgalore writes:

A lot of customers sure as hell deserve it.

SheWhoLovesToDraw writes:

The fact that she kept singling you out every time she wanted something rather than ask another employee is mind boggling.

Some people are denser than a blackhole, I swear.

DevylBearHawkTur10n writes:

Karen got THAT karma type humiliation right onto her.....MMMMUUUUUGGGGGG!

Nature_Dweller writes:

hahaaa! i love this.

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