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15 posts about kids being unintentionally hilarious.

15 posts about kids being unintentionally hilarious.


We've all been kids, and we've all done things unintentionally hilarous. If you have kids, your kids have done unintentionally hilarious things as well (although sometimes it's impossible to see the humor until later in life).

Today we've found 16 examples of kids being funny, whether they knew it or not. We hope you enjoy.

1. What's the word for the opposite of the honor roll?

Also, what is 'principal leadership?' Is this a job application? Hopefully not.

2. You can almost smell him from here.

Notice the noise gun. That's what takes this to the next level.

3. They're high in protein. Just what a growing kid needs.

No info on the condition of the lizard, which is dissapointing.

4. It takes a special talent to get this diry.

This is pretty much a hose outside situation, right? No one's coming inside like this.

5. Good info. Same. Especially if there's a test coming up.

Call Guinness?

6. His screen time is done for the day.

If you've ever watched TV with a kid that age, this looks a lot better than the alternative.

7. Amazing use of positive reinforcement to reward good behavior.

Then completely blown by extreme impatience.

8. It would be interesting to know what the kid was really thinking.

Sometimes you just have to act crazy to keep people off guard.

9. This is why you need pets.

Dogs can eat grapes, right?

10. The friends in the background are loving it.

The world is changing too fast, even for 13 year olds.

11. Check 2 and 3 first. The park is big.

Hopefully the tooth fairy still came.

12. This is when you know a kid is too young to have a phone.

Or they're just hilarious.

13. Good understanding. Bad application.

'Keep you updated.' LOL.

14. We've all done this, right?

Sometimes fixable, but sometimes that's the end.

15. This is just being smart. And technically not breaking any rules.

It's a teachable moment, for the parent. Words mattr.

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