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19 people reveal the dumbest thing they ever did to 'fit in' as a kid.

19 people reveal the dumbest thing they ever did to 'fit in' as a kid.


Trying to be 'normal' is a universal childhood experience whether you're lying to the cool clique at recess or wearing the same outfit as everyone in your entire grade...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the dumbest thing you did as a child to fit in?' people were ready to share the humiliating or cringe-inducing things they did in the name of being popular. Never again, snap bracelets and Hot Topic seatbelt belts...


When I was young, everybody on my block had a Walkman. I wanted one so bad, but my parents were both still recovering financially from their divorce. Going out to McDonalds for dinner was considered a real treat, so a Walkman was pretty much out of the question.

So in order to fit in, I put on a pair of old headphones and stuffed the cord into the waist band of my pants. I pulled my shirt down so at a quick glance, you couldn't tell that I didn't have a Walkman clipped to my belt. I then proceeded to walk around outside singing loudly to myself. - hyperjumpgrandmaster


Show and Tell. 3rd Grade. Most kids brought in pets (gerbil, goldfish, assorted birds, etc). I brought in a deer skull I found in the woods. - indi3girl3210


Hair gel. OH GOD WHY - Tatterdemallion


Did worse in school intentionally to try and not be such a nerd. - terryjsmith


I wore my backpack over one shoulder, because only nerds wore their backpacks over both. - ahusin


When I was in preschool a boy told my friend and I that everyone peed standing up. We were floored. He proceeded to tell us that we were losers and weird 'aliens' because we didn't pee like normal people. Needless to say, we rushed to the bathroom and tried to pee standing up.. Both of our parents had to come pick us up early that day. Apparently coating yourself in pee is grounds to be sent home. - anguswins


When I was 7 years old I was at Sunday school, and some of the kids there were putting beads in their noses and blowing them out, so they would fly across the room (I repeat we were 7 years old).

So I decided I didnt want to be the odd one out, and stuck the bead up my nose. I involuntarily breathed in through my nose, and the bead went up and got stuck to a place where no finger could reach. So fast forward a few hours, I was at a hospital crying, with a big suction tube shoved up my nose and my dad sitting their trying to hold back laughter. My dad was so amused at my idiocy he kept the bead. Jacka*s. - [deleted]


I climbed a jungle gym to impress a girl, fell down, and chipped a tooth. Sadly, this probably doesn't belong here since I was 19. - wz55


When I was in preschool, all the little girls were talking about how many Barbies they had. I didn't have a single one--I was more of a Cabbage Patch sort of kid--but I told them that I had One Hundred Barbies!! Fast forward a few months to the Christmas grab bag. The kid assigned to me gave me Barbie clothes. - clocksailor


I pulled a chair out from under the kid that everyone liked even less than me. I was popular for about five minutes. I felt bad for 22 years and counting. - informationmissing


I faked an eye doctor test because I wanted glasses. When he asked me to read the letters, I kind of faked not being able to see the smaller ones. I think I was about 7 or 8. - Mandaface


I made my mom cut a little bunny off my hat so the other kids wouldn't make fun of me. It was so cute! but they kept calling me a baby! I also kept the little bunny in a drawer in my bedroom for years. - woodstock_22


I wore my pockets on the outside thanks to Back to the Future, we all make mistakes - Dirty-DjAngo


Wore jeans backwards... because of Kriss Kross. My neighbor was an older gentleman who without fail 'You know your pants are on backwards?' 'Yup' 'You know it makes you look stupid?' 'Yup.' ... and off to school like a cool kid. - 935Penn


Abercrombie and Fitch. Not only did I spend an obscene amount of money for clothes, I also smelled like a douche. - ickyho


I once thought that it was an excellent idea to save a tic-tac for later by completely jamming it up your nose... - rougefalcon5


Started Smoking... - snoobs89


All my friends in elementary school had dogs. My mom wouldn't allow it, so I pretended I had a dog - and when friends came over and wanted to meet the dog, I said he was locked in the garage because he bites. - newsdaylaura18


When I was a child at my daycare center some of the other kids told me that your family wasn't considered rich unless you shopped at Big Lots (which ironically was a bargain store). So I had my mom drive me to Big Lots and I bought something and kept my receipt so I could later show it to my friends and prove to them that my family was in fact 'rich.' - GarrettTheMole

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