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17 people reveal the weird and gross snacks they used to eat in secret as kids.

17 people reveal the weird and gross snacks they used to eat in secret as kids.


Kids are famously picky eaters between demanding crust-free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cheese-less mac and cheese...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'As a kid what did you regularly eat or drink in secret, hoping no one would notice?' people were ready to reveal the bizarre meals, snacks, or drinks they used to shamefully consume in privacy. Yes, every knew about those ketchup popsicles...


Wine, my parents kept it under the TV stand in their room. I'd crawl into their room on all 4 (was around 6 at the time) and just sit under there. They couldn't see what I was doing because of the bed blocking view from that area. They probably saw me enter and think I was doing harmless kid things. Nope, just taking swigs of wine. - Ken_Lol


Salt. Just pure salt. I realized that this was a really weird thing to do, so I hid this. I kept some in my room in a little ziploc bag. This meant that at one time, people from a cleaning service found a hidden ziploc bag with white crystals in it. They never said anything, and I really hope they realized it was just salt and not cocaine.

Years later, I ended up being diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, it causes me to temporarily become confused, lightheaded, and pass out). It turns out that for me, the most effective and easiest way to keep my blood pressure high enough that I don’t pass out is to eat a lot of sodium. I was self medicating with the salt and had no idea. - Green_Ouroborus


Used to rip up the popcorn bag into pieces after eating all the popcorn and lick the butter off the inside of the bag. Crazy unhealthy but I'd be lying if I told you I don't still crave it to this day. - Reb0rnKnight


My sister had those lip smackers chap sticks and I would eat them when we didn't have snacks - TheBurbs666


Dry pasta noodles, angel hair specifically so I could pretend I was a farmer with a piece of wheat in my teeth. Must have spurred from an obscure obsession with tractors as a kid. - StickyDetinator


I used to drink the dill pickle juice after devouring all the pickles - [deleted]


My sister and I used to sneak those Milkbone dog biscuits. We would hide behind the couch at gramma's and eat them. No idea why. - Twallot


As a kid I wasn't allowed sugary cereal. When my mom's back was turned, 6-8 spoonfuls of sugar went into my shredded wheat. - RonSwansonsOldMan


Vitamin C tablets. They were orange flavoured and delicious. - [deleted]


I drank syrup and soy sauce a lot when I was younger. I had a big frosting phase too until I got super sick and threw up everywhere, now I hate sweet things lol - Okayizzy0505


Liquid french vanilla coffee creamer. - Orbnotacus


Vinegar, straight up. I could drink that sh*t by the pint. - The_God_of_Abraham


Marshmallows, the jumbo kind; I snuck into the kitchen pantry to stuff those into my mouth every chance I got, until I choked on one. I remember the sheer terror, mostly that I’d get in trouble for stealing snacks and subsequently dying in the process. I actually cured my little addiction that day; I haven’t eaten marshmallows since. - graylie


Can of condensed milk after it’s been in the fridge. - [deleted]


Orange juice concentrate. The frozen stuff you’re supposed to add water too. I’d eat it frozen with a spoon. - PoopyGoat


Lemons. I would peel them like an orange and eat them almost everyday. My aunt tried to scare me when I was like 7 or 8 and said that all the lemons would turn my blood into water. I said she was dumb and got in trouble. I’m 32 now and still love lemons. - hicanipetyourpupper


My brother and I ate 4-deep white bread and Miracle Whip sandwiches. Haven’t had one since I was like 10 but it still sounds good to me. I’d probably barf if I ate one now. - BulljiveBots

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