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10 confessions from fed up employees who tried to get back at their bosses.

10 confessions from fed up employees who tried to get back at their bosses.


These 10 employees are fed up with their bosses, so they decided to get revenge. Some of these internet confessions are awfully questionable....Take a look.

1. This employee tried to call in sick and his boss refused, so he put his 'germs' all over his boss's desk to get him sick.

didiut78 writes:

I was sick as f***. I never experienced anything like that before. I have never called out sick so I asked my boss if I could get the night off. Besides, it was going to be dead. He said no. So I came to work and smiled. As soon as he left, I hacked, sneezed, coughed all over his computer, phone, coffee cup, pens, etc.

Then I closed his office door. A week later, he calls out sick. His wife and kids got sick too. Whatever I had, he has except he can't shake it off and it's been about a month.

2. This employee hates his boss so much that he started sleeping with his wife.

bosswbanger writes:

I met her at the company 4th of July BBQ and we hit it off and have been having sex behind his back for months now.

If it was anyone else I wouldn't do this to them but my boss is an abusive, incompetent and loathsome person so I don't feel bad at all and will keep sleeping with his wife until she doesn't want it anymore. He'll probably kill me when he finds out but I don't care. Should've given me the raise I deserve Scott.

3. This employee went behind their evil bank boss and refunded a TON of clients on the down low.

jumparound762 writes:

I worked in a large bank, one of the top 3 in my country. My boss was horrible and treated everyone like shit most of the time targeting me. Throughout the pandemic the company did little to protect us and didn’t really give a fuck about the employees as long as business went as usual.

From the beginning of the pandemic I would go through lists of clients and look through everyone’s account and anyone with more than a few overdraft fees I would refund them.

It started out as me refunding maybe 100-200 on 3-4 different peoples accounts and eventually snowballed into refunding thousands a day and if someone called asking for a fee or two refunded I would go back on their account up to 2 years and refund every fee sometimes totaling more than 6,000.

4. This woman put MARBLES in her boss's food.

goodsmeeels writes:

I started this job about a year and a half ago, it's just an office job, data entry. I immediately hated my boss, she makes fun of me to my coworkers, and is just generally an asshole to me.

We have a communal fridge for the office, and I saw they had a pie spice in there, and I was so angry at her, I just wanted to get back at her somehow, and I had a little cup of marbles at my desk, so I decided to subtly put some in her pie and then smooth it over with a knife, she found them immediately, and still doesn't know who did it, I then decided to repeat it the next few days.

I'm scared I'm gonna get caught or she might get hurt. Nobody knows it's me and I like seeing their reactions and not knowing that I'm the one behind it.

5. This employee hated his boss so much that he faked an injury and blamed his place of work to get disability.

itchysugar452 writes:

I had injured my shoulder at the gym and blamed it on some work I was doing at the center. No one except my boss ever questioned it. My doctor was so disgusted with my boss, since I complained about him so much that he said I didn't have to work unless I wanted to and could just collect disability.

I could pick up another job that didn't require heavy lifting so I could double dip on paychecks and health insurance. My boss was furious because his ass had to stay late and do all the heavy lifting that I did. This went on for two years. WOO!

6. This employee threw away 3 months worth of company mail.

effedsomeonesoftie67 writes:

My boss was horrible, always berating me for asking a simple question, like the password to the Microsoft Word account. She consistently claimed that my memory was horrible, and once hit me on the head with her notepad in a really condescending way.

She treated me like I was her bitch, a fool, her personal servant, and I put up with it. One thing she wanted me to do was check the P.O box weekly. She gave me the key. I couldn't find a box associated with the key number and there was no one around, so I left.

\When I went back to work the next day, I really wanted to tell her I couldn't find it, and ask her for the number, but I was afraid it was going to be painfully obvious, and I didn't want to look stupid or be treated like I was stupid, so I just said the P.O. Box was empty.

7. This employee never works if his boss isn't in the office.

doubleawareness33 writes:

My work isn’t time sensitive, so as long as it gets done it’s all cool. When he’s not in the office, I’m on break and I do what I please. Never has it been an issue where I’m backed up, and never am I out of work either.

I don’t feel bad about it either.

8. This woman hated her boss so much that she messed with his coffee.

localspinster writes:

My boss told me to “fetch him a coffee” so I stirred it with my used tampon.

9. This man hates his boss so much that he's catfishing his wife.

umumaho writes:

My boss is generally a di*k.

I noticed his wife (who also works at the company) came up as a recommended friend on Snapchat, I copied the user name and added her on my burner Snapchat.

After a few messages and a few fake selfies she has told me she is single and sent some damn good reveling pictures.

I feel a bit guilty now but damn she is hot.

10. This person hated their boss so much they filed 100 complaints against them to get them fired.

ohlordyyoureallnuts writes:

Two of my bosses, one in house, one corporate, decided to take advantage and underestimate me. So I filed over a dozen (100% factual) complaints directly to corporate HR, over the course of two weeks. At this point they have both 'quit' rather than being held accountable. HOORAY.

Well, those were QUITE the confessions. Have you ever done anything questionable to a boss you hated? Sound off in the comments!

Sources: Reddit
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