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16 people share the weird things we know we all do but pretend we don't.

16 people share the weird things we know we all do but pretend we don't.


Being a human being can be a disgusting, hilarious, and exhausting mystery of wondering why we all run up the basement stairs after we turn off the light even after we're all grown up...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's something we all just pretend no one does, but in truth we know we all do it?' people were ready to bond over the weird or embarrassing habits and behaviors we all choose to ignore. When we all drive by a group of cows...why do we have to point and say 'cows?'


When you go into an aisle in the grocery store and you see someone in front of the object you’re looking for so you pretend you’re getting something else all while hovering near them waiting for them to leave that area so you can get said object. - 1Shadowspark1


I don't know if we all do it, but open a card and pretend not to see cash fall out while reading the card. Haha - SadTattooedGirl


Tell small lies. Particularly to make us and others feel better. - Actuaryba


Reading comments/texts multiple times after sending/posting them. Just to let the fact that you’re a modern day Shakespeare settle in - Nexrosus


Complain about others speeding and saying they are going too fast for no reason but giving ourselves a pass because what we are late for is really important - joshpelletier01


Kids hide their profanity from Adults, and Adults hide their profanity from Kids. Because both sides must maintain the illusion that the other side doesn't know that they know profanity. - nagol93


Panic clean before guests come over to then apologize for the mess - StressAccomplished30


Deliberately delay responses to text messages and e-mails, even though it would be convenient to reply. - Back2Bach


Read messages from the notification bar then pretending you didn't see the message only much later. - kaylaandre


Recently I had to insist that my wife knocks loudly and waits before opening my son’s bedroom door. I really had to explain why FFS! I know he’s constantly jacking off, but he would be mortified if anyone knew, especially his parents. - stateofyou


Making up conversations in my head before something important. Like I will say this and then the response from other person might be this.. sometimes it can go for 10-15 min before I snap back to reality. - hastinapur


Scratching your crotch. - Whatawootsee


Look up words that people use because we don't know the meaning even though we pretend to when they are talking - j_grouchy


Assume you are 'above average' intelligence - Kingpine42069


Convincing yourself in your head that everyone around you is doing things perfectly and at full efficiency and expect the same of the people around them. No? Just me? - adamantitian


I'm sure there's actually a term for this but the thing you do when you're upset or hurt and then attribute it to something that feels more respectable to be upset about. Like instead of crying because you're mad that someone forgot your birthday spirals into the long history of wrongs that person has made. Because it's embarrassing to say that you just wanted to be a special boy for a day. - SloppyNachoBros


Incoming call. First thought: oh why in the heck is this person calling me..

Answer: 'Hey George! So glad you called...' - SalesGuy22


Making up fake scenarios in our head. - Mania08

Sources: Reddit
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