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16 people share reveal the 'toxic trait' that they're actually proud to have.

16 people share reveal the 'toxic trait' that they're actually proud to have.


The term 'toxic' is incredibly subjective, but there are some personality characteristics that the trendsetters of social media have decided to brutally roast...

Where's the fun in life if you can't laugh at yourself, though? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s your toxic trait that you’re proud of?' brave souls across the internet were ready to share the one controversial behavior, hobby, or philosophy that they fully embrace. Come on, it's time to confess how 'Cheugy' you really are.


I can make up my mind that I don't care about someone anymore and immediately just stop caring. No build up, no debate, no worrying about if I made the right call. Kind of scary, because sometimes I start to contemplate doing it with everyone and well, I know that's not a good idea. - disisathrowaway


I can function with a criminally low amount of sleep. It’s not healthy but it adds hours to me being able to get things done. It’s really helped me career wise over the years. - among_apes


I refuse to drop a grudge because 'Hey man that was a long time ago.' If you're sorry, prove it. Don't wait a while and just show back up. - Beowulf33232


'Judging a book by their cover' I usually can tell within the first interaction if I'd wanna be friends off of a gut feeling. People say it's dumb but my gut has never been wrong before. - cowboybepopop


Hyper competitiveness. It’s driven success in my life and kept me in good physical shape. My wife doesn’t like playing board games with me though. I’ve worked on managing this aspect of my character but still allow it to run rampant in certain scenarios. - TheConboy22


I can't stand it when people are blatantly inefficient. Especially if their inefficiency causes my work to become delayed. I'm very good at finding ways to improve processes and increase productivity while reducing work load and or stress. When people do it this way because we do it this way, it drives me insane. - jvander42


Holding in my feelings. It's easier than talking about them, and makes my wife's life easier. I find that if I'm not willing to talk about something that bothers me, it's not worth getting upset over in the first place and I let it go. I do have some pretty heated arguments with myself on the way to work sometimes. - Superb-Film-594


I can often see both sides of situations, so people can feel as though you’re constantly playing devil’s advocate - which understandably can be very frustrating. I don’t voice it in a way that I’m defending the opposite side, but it’s more noting the other point of view.

I do try to keep it to myself until people ask my opinion, and even then, I just gently point out the other perspective. I will 100% support people who are in the right, but it’s mostly those who react a bit more impulsively and with anger that I see both sides more. On the plus side, I try my best to not judgemental at all - so I hope that balances it out a bit. - xxchocxx


No tolerance for people’s bs, I’m very skeptical, but I’ve also learned that correcting people doesn’t solve anything, better to keep your mouth shut even if you know the truth, if you want to be a likeable person - KlayKlaster


I carry so many grudges I have to wear cargo shorts - Oriental_Habit


I’m an Olympic gold medalist at procrastination. I thrive under self inflicted time crunches. I can’t perform at a high level without it. I’ve always had good grades. Im successful at what I do. I'm proud that my secret hasn’t held me back. (I also absolutely hate this and wish I could change) - Aol_awaymessage


Being pretty straight forward when I don't like someone. I'm not pretending I like someone just because it is offensive or whatever if I don't. - regular_guy_801


I’ve never once said goodbye at a function outside of direct family. If you look away from me for a minute at a party there’s a 95% chance I’ve slithered towards the door avoiding everyone to go home. I just dislike parties and hate goodbyes so I’m just not gonna do either if I don’t have to - Lowdog00


I’ve gotten VERY good at bouncing people out of my life. Life is too short for BS - coyote-1


Reckless Generosity - like I’m buying beers for random ppl I meet at the club when I’m broke and unemployed. I’m helping random strangers making myself late for important appointments. - forfakessake1


I clean when mad. The more mad, the more cleaning. - BinxTheBrick

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