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5 People Having A Bad Monday

5 People Having A Bad Monday


5. Post Malone after taking a nasty tumble in the middle of his concert.


While the rapper was performing his song 'Circles' he stepped into a hole -intended to lower his guitar - and took a hard fall. Medics rushed to him as the crowd grew quiet realizing that Malone wasn't rolling on the stage in pain as a joke.

Malone ended up cracking 3 ribs, and returned to the stage to apologize to concert goers. The rapper explained how much pain he was in to his fans. Then like a Christmas miracle, a fan offered Malone a beer, and after tasting the sweet nectar of an overpriced stadium beer. Malone was able to finish the concert.

Malone shared his appreciation for the support from his fans as he now begins recovering from his injuries.

4. Ezra Miller is still being talked about after Vanity Fair released an expose containing even more shocking details about the actor including how they described themself as Jesus and the devil.


Variety recently unearthed disturbing reports about the star of The Flash Ezra Miller's 'messiah' complex. Their report includes details that allege assaults, grooming, sermons, and guns. The Hollywood star's spiral threatens the $200 million dollars Warner Bros invested in the Flash as well as a booming career in film.

The report noted that Miller has said questionable things with one witness recalling Miller saying, 'They say they are some kind of messiah, and they’re going to lead an Indigenous revolution'. Because that's what the Native Americans were missing this entire time, a white non-binary film star to lead them to glory. The report includes witness testimony detailing Miller's polyamorous lifestyle that seemed more of a 'dictartoship' where they controlled and belittled young women. Miller is also accused of grooming girls as young as 12 years old to later become his sexual partners.

Some are comparing Miller's career situation with Will Smith's career post-slap.

Ezra's legal team clearly has a strategy.

Miller's reps have insisted that this is a mental health problem and that they are seeking help.

3. The constituents of Utah's district 12.

This is why voting is important.

2. This ball boy.

Ring, ring, tennis Hall of Fame? I have something you need.

1. The entire country of England

While the Royal Family is probably having a bad Monday. Especially after King Charles III was booed in Wales, and the drama around Harry and Meghan not being invited to the Sunday reception. The badness of this Monday isn't just for them. The entire nation of England is mourning the loss of their Queen this Monday. Regardless of your opinions of the British monarchy, the country as a whole is having the worst Monday of all.

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