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Non-Americans are sharing the dumbest questions an American ever asked them.

Non-Americans are sharing the dumbest questions an American ever asked them.


America has many wonderful qualities from amber waves of grain to supersized fast food fries, but educating ourselves on other parts of the world isn't exactly our shining feature...

How do you spot the American tourists? They're the loudest ones at the restaurant and they're all asking for sides of Ranch dressing. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Non-Americans what’s the dumbest thing you heard from an American about your country?' people from around the world were ready to share the hilarious ignorant or uninformed comment they heard from an American.


Went to America for a fun week off and went to the bar. Buddy started getting in my face and someone stop him, with a perfectly straight face, 'Whoa man, he's canadian and they kill baby seals for fun, lets go back to our table.' I kind of want to go back to Jersey just for something like that to happen again - KirstieClaflin


I've been told by a number of Americans that there's no such thing as an American accent because Americans speak properly. - RosetteSantillo


That all of England=London. They use those words interchangeably - Odd-Turnip-2019


Portugal ??? It's in Spain right? - palves922


I find it strange (some) Americans think Europe is just one entity that is comparable to the USA. It's not. Countries are not comparable to states. The differences between Poland & Spain are far greater than those between California & Florida. - ab00


Americans tried to convince me how small Europe was in comparison with the US and one told me that you could fit the whole of Europe into Texas, which is simply not true as Texas is a bit bigger than France. - Dimpfelmoser66


We all live in castles. - Interesting-Lunch598


I was asked what language do you speak in Australia - Mydogrobbie


“Do you accept dollars?”

Yes, Australian dollars.

“No. Real money, American dollars?” - OnemoreSavBlanc


I had a woman outraged at me because apparently the pound being worth more then the dollar is disrespectful. - Yaboijustlikesgoats


I was traveling in the US, visiting from Australia. I'm in Mississippi and someone here's my accent and asks where I am from. 'Australia', I replied. 'Australia? Wow. That must have been a long drive,' they replied in all seriousness. - OneFellSwoop650


That people from Ireland are not really Irish. That the real Irish are actually Americans who live in Boston and NY. - LucyVialli


'There's an Irish language?' and also 'I didn't know Irish people spoke English.' - KaRa_XCII-215


That I'm faking being Polish online because 'there is no internet in the communist countries'. (For those not in the loop, communism in Poland ended in 1989...) - Constant-Leather9299


I was corrected by an American after saying I come from Switzerland. 'We don't say Switzerland, we say Sweden.' Like I don't know where I come from. - cretingame


I am Mexican, so of course I have several examples. A girl once insisted we didn't have paved roads. When I told her we did, she pointed outside and said, 'no, no, I mean paved roads like that.' (This was in the US).

After many times of me confirming we did, she finally accepted it, but then said, 'ok but you probably don't have McDonald's there?' Like that was her standard for what a civilized country should have... Not universities, not hospitals, McDonald's. - Dancing_Rocketeer


A North American told me once that in my country, Spain, we don't have universities. - Administrative_Hat39

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