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Woman's Christmas gets weird after family says 'your white elephant is inappropriate.'

Woman's Christmas gets weird after family says 'your white elephant is inappropriate.'


When this woman is concerned that her white elephant ruined Christmas, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for ‘ruining’ white elephant with my allegedly inappropriate gift?'

I am F30. For context, the white elephant gift was a small custom print blanket of a model posing, pouring wine down his chest, with the classic Jesus thorn crown, shirtless, and white towel around his waist. Here's the link to the image.

The top read “Step-Daddy, I’m stuck on a bible verse..” in cursive. My family is not hyper religious, rarely goes to church on Sunday. We have this white elephant every Christmas Eve, all of us are adults.

The only rules were keep it at $20 max. When a family member opened the sex* Jesus she proceeded to be very unhappy and go on a rant about how it was not funny, very inappropriate and not in the spirit of the activity, that it really ruined the activity in general.

Am I the AH here? The gifts sometimes get a bit raunchy too. Have been over the years…

Let's find out.

cucugivncu writes:

Idk. YTA? I’m sitting here confused about how a custom blanket was 20 bucks.

It’s when people go over the cost limit in white elephant that really, REALLY pisses me off.

Like if everyone is passing around like, cookie tins and card decks and cheap vibrators, and then there’s this one pair of expensive sunglasses that obviously everyone is stealing over and over.

Like, we get it, everything is a competition to you and you cared more about the attention / status of bringing the “best” gift than actually playing the game.

If you managed to have this made for that cheap, like if it wasn’t a huge blanket, and just a cheap 20 dollar novelty, NTA at all.

I AM sorry though, when you said “family” I was like… pardon? Like I get raunchy gifts, but “help me daddy” Jesus is something I would more expect at like… an adult...

maybe queer holiday party where pretty much everyone had a fairly resentful history with Christianity and/or would actually understand the stepsibling porn meme it’s based on, where it would be an instant hit.

Like I mean I would more get it if you just … saw it and thought “hey that’s funny” and grabbed it. But custom “help me daddy” Jesus for your family white elephant? Feels a little like you were really trying to make a statement haha.

electricaldate78 writes:

I'm all for a crass white elephant gift, but that blanket is pretty creepy. I'm not into religious rituals at all, but I would have looked at OP like TF is wrong with you?

historybuff9971 writes:

Soft YTA - Just because someone isn't propping up a pew every Sunday it doesn't mean they don't have a religious faith, they just prefer to keep it private, and unless you really are sure that this type of gift wouldn't offend someone you should never try it.

There's also a difference between risque and raunchy gifts and offensive ones, even if they're not offensive to you, and religion is a minefield best avoided unless you are looking for drama.

Well, looks like OP messed up. The blanket is a little creepy, don't you think? Or is her family being overdramatic? How would YOU react?

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