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Bullied 'school-boy' gets creative revenge on 'intimidating' 'mad-dogging' colleague.

Bullied 'school-boy' gets creative revenge on 'intimidating' 'mad-dogging' colleague.


A young man posted a story so satisfying on Reddit's popular 'Malicious Compliance' forum, it simply had to be shared.

'Toxic manager wants me to keep doing his homework, so I check his literacy level.'

u/VonOverkill writes:

During my last year in college, I got hired onto the production crew of a small manufacturing company. The production team leader, purely by virtue of senority, was a guy I'll code-name 'Dirk.'

Prison physique, 6'4' when standing upright, face tattoo, regularly physically intimidated other folks in the building for sport. Told stories with strong intentional-bigot vibes. Highschool drop-out, chain-wallet, different Monster energy drink hat for each day of the week.

Dirk's favorite joke was calling me a school-boy (because I was going to college, get it?). Followed by assertions that education is a scam, and smart people are actually dumb, and only [pick your pejorative] go to college, and so on.

The other 8 employees in the building really wanted Dirk gone. The owner/boss/inventor of the proprietary manufacturing process was a brilliant mechanical engineer, but terrible with people, and very susceptible to Dirk's intimidation techniques. So Dirk stayed.

Anyhow, within the first month, Dirk decided it was my job to take material & product inventory every two weeks. Whatever, he's the middle-manager, he can delegate. Usually a 3-person job, I was, of course, made to do it alone. Usually kept me at work well after midnight, but at least I was getting paid overtime, and the building was empty & quiet.

After 6 months on the production team, I graduated from college, and got promoted out of the warehouse and into the product design office. A great gig; the one I wanted from the beginning.

Near the end of my third day in the office, Dirk poked his head in the door, and asserted that I was still expected to take inventory that night. I reminded him that I don't work in the warehouse any more. He reminded me that he's a dangerous person by mad-dogging into my personal space bubble & cursing a lot. I capitulated.

Believing-- perhaps erroneously-- that my new office coworkers would have my back if Dirk went berserk, I decided to take inventory in Roman numerals, which Dirk couldn't read. Really show him what a guy with basic 11th grade literacy is capable of.

I wasn't present for The Incident, but when I arrived at work the next morning, the warehouse was trashed. Dirk had seen the inventory clipboard, gone ballistic, and started pulling everything off the shelves. The police were called. As I understood it, Dirk left 'peacefully' with the cops & wasn't arrested, but was immediately fired, and legally barred from approaching the building, or any of its employees.

After Dirk's departure, we promoted a new production lead; the machines ran faster & more efficiently, all the product came out cleaner, and the all the 'supply problems' we were having with raw materials were actually just Dirk being equal parts lazy & stupid.

baka-tari comments:

Dirk's number was up, he just couldn't tell anyone what it was.

emmejm says:

The magnitude of his overreaction was unexpected 😳

From _my_choice_:

He couldn't put 11 and 11 together.

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