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20 people share surprising things they discovered about men and women from dating.

20 people share surprising things they discovered about men and women from dating.


Dating can often be a defeating journey of swiping, ghosting, messaging into the abyss, rescheduling, and wondering if you can stomach yet enough painfully boring coffee date on your lunch break...

So, when Reddit users asked, 'Men, what was something you didn't know about women until you got with one?' and 'Women, what was something you didn't know about men until you got with one?' people were ready to share the most surprising thing they discovered about the opposite sex when they fell in love, started living with a partner, or entered a serious relationship.

What did women discover about men?


That when they need to go to the store they just go straight to that item and then pay and leave. It’s something I need to learn, lol. - SnooConfections6062


That whole thing about the way to their heart being their stomach? Accurate. I once hooked up with a guy I met on Tinder, made him breakfast the next morning. He said no woman had ever cooked for him before, looked teary, and now we're married. - burntgreens


They keep a significant amount of thoughts to themselves - Meesh138


How rarely they get complimented. I told my guy that I loved his shirt and he didn't even know what to say. He told me he couldn't remember the last time someone complimented him so I've started looking for little, random things to compliment him on. - classy_rachael


How much trauma they tend to accept as simple facts of life. Definitely made me more invested in my brothers. If my husband has experienced x,y, and z and has thought nothing should be done or even said about it, how many experiences like that have the other men in my life had? - Professional_Lowlife


I genuinely thought men held their penis when they peed because otherwise it would fly all around with the force of urine going through it. - rebel1031


How often they need to readjust their balls - username00990


Just how long they're willing to put off going to a doctor/specialist. The mental gymnastics done to avoid seeking professional help is astounding. - CatHatBatSwat


How they can spend an entire day with a person and not learn a single thing about them. - Prestigious-Hunt6578


They love to hear the tea but make no effort to ask any questions or get any information to share tea lol. Example: Him: “oh yeah, Mark broke up with Jessica.” Me: “omg! Why, what happened?” Him: “IDK I didn’t ask” - Knight_Night33

And what did men learn about women?


They have emotional spider senses. One woman i'm talking to, mid conversation, caught onto a feeling I was having about something the moment it entered my skull from the ether, and she asked me about it. It was like having my mind read - UnholySpigot


How impervious to hot water they are! My wife’s shower seems permanently set at scalding. Washing the dishes - scalding! Bath water- scalding No sexy time in the shower here, I value not melting my skin! - forget_i_was_here


How being uncomfortable is a daily occurrence for them, whether be periods or clothes and makeup to look pretty or people bothering them, they seem to be in a constant stream of uncomfortableness - TheWatermelonGuy


How much they shed. Two women in my house (wife and daughter) and once a month I have to pull a disgusting hair ball the size of a large rat out of the shower drain. It’s like I live with Chewbacca. - JesseB342


They pee like pressure washers - walupt


Foreplay begins way before being in bed, maybe even with the first impression. - Grindcoaccion


I thought the hoodies were mine - pavonearse


That the buttons on their shirts were on the other side. That blew my mind. - BubbhaJebus


I’m not sure where, but somewhere on their bodies they must grow bobbypins or they have a secret bobbypin farm. They multiply and end up everywhere. - kunzaz


That breast milk comes out of multiple ducts on the nipple not just one. The first time my wife showed us with our first child and little streams went all different directions…it was so weird and surprising - Lovingit9696

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