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Using these emojis makes you seem 'aggressive' and 'old' according to Gen Z.

Using these emojis makes you seem 'aggressive' and 'old' according to Gen Z.


Step aside, Millennials. You're old, 'cringe' and 'cheugy' now...

Millennials had a brief window of possibly six months to be the cool kids between being labeled as the entitled, basement, lazy generation of basement-dwelling deadbeats and being hard-working, social media-obsessed creatives strapped with student loan debt and a bleak future. With the oldest Millennials in their early 40s now, though, they've passed their baton as the trendsetting generation to Gen Z.

However, Gen Z already seems to have a lot of rules for what is and isn't cool anymore between side parts, high-waisted skinny jeans and the great debate over whether or not Taylor Swift is 'cringe.' The latest things to be put on the cutting room floor are Millennials favorite hieroglyphic-reminiscent texting language of: emojis.

So, if you're curious about whether or not your texting style is cheugy-chic or cringe-tastic, here are the emojis that Gen Z says we must abandon both in the workplace and in life.

1. The 'passive aggressive' thumbs-up emoji

While originally intended to be an emoji of approval or positive statement, Gen Z sees the thumbs up as a passive aggressive corporate F you. To translate for Millennials, sending a thumbs up as a response is like sending 'OK.' *Chills.*

2. The ok hand emoji

With a similar energy to the thumbs up, the OK hand is cold and ominous with a touch of smugness. It's petty and rude to Gen Zers and unless you want to alienate your younger employees on Slack, avoid it at all costs.

3. The laughing emoji...

Millennials might have embraced the laughter tears emoji, but Gen Z prefers 'dead' or the skull emoji to symbolize joy. Perhaps this is because many of them are teenagers and still in their emo phase, but it seems appropriate considering the state of the world.

4. The red heart...

The red heart is cheugy, but the white heart or the black heart? Chill. Does the rule make any sense? Nope. Will I, a 30-something adult reconsider which color heart I send in an attempt to stay cool? Sure.

5. The 'Yasss' emoji...

Whatever this is called whether it's a booty worship emoji, applause, a cheerleader move or a 'praise god''s not cool.

In conclusion, if you want to earn the respect of Gen Z just send a skull whenever you're in doubt. Or respond 'dead' to everything. Good luck out there, olds!

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