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17 people share the most embarrassing text they ever sent to the wrong person.

17 people share the most embarrassing text they ever sent to the wrong person.


Sending a message to the wrong person happens all of the time, but there's nothing worse than sending 'Alex is being annoying' directly to Alex on his birthday...

So, when a Reddit user asked ashamed strangers of the internet, 'What is the most embarrassing text you sent to the wrong person?' people were ready to reveal their cringe-inducing tale of fumbled communication. Remember to always double-check the group enver know who is lurking there.


I sent a text saying 'Yeah I'll call you soon babe but Mr. X won't leave. He's being f*cking annoying and won't go away. ' Next minute Mr. X checks his phone, gets up and just walks out. I check my phone. Yep. Sent it to X. - [deleted]


'I'm so excited to eat your a*s.' to my mom. The woman who birthed me. It was fucking horrible. That slow-mo moment of my finger hitting send a microsecond before my brain registered what was happening. - StickleyMan


'Txt me when you have a mom.' It was meant to be an abbreviation for 'Text me when you had a moment.' Sent it to my friend whose mother had died earlier that month. - dicerollingprogram


'Yeah, it's going okay but she's being really depressing.' Text sent to a girl I was on a date with who was in the bathroom. Meant it for my friend. There was no follow-up date. - [deleted]


I quit my job by leaving a note for the business owner (who was insane) when I closed so she'd see it in the morning. Woke up at 6am to text my friend Lauren who worked there to see how the boss took it. Accidentally texted boss 'How'd she take it?' to which she responded 'she took it fine, very classy' - [deleted]


'Hey, I cleaned and febreezed the car, so now it doesn't smell like sex haha' meant to sent to gf at the time, because we had just gone seperate ways after a meet up. Sent it to my mom, whose car I was borrowing. Her response? 'Umm, that's good. I hope it doesn't smell like sex.' - Dobey2013


Not a text message, but I once told my travel agent that I loved her before hanging up the phone. I called her back immediately. She was still laughing so hard she could barely speak. We have never met IRL. - Leatherneck55


One of my good friends (female) lost a bunch of weight and subsequently was very popular with her coworkers and other men. She was very open and vocal about her sexual endeavors.

We'll call her Alexandra. I have known Alexandra for many years prior to the weight loss. She and my sister are also good friends. Sister invited me over to hang out at Alexandra's house. I replied with this.

'Sorry, but I'd rather not spend my birthday being told about Alexandra's sexual exploits for several hours.' I was really hungover and sent the text to Alexandra by accident. Unpleasantness ensued. - thebendavis


'Bulk condoms at Costco. We can bang for hours' Heard my mums phone go off in her bag. Pulled off the delete of the century as I borrowed her phone. All was good. - Loosey_Goosey_


'Hey, do you think kaitlyn likes me?' Sent to kaitlyn :( - [deleted]


'My anus really burns and I can't wipe. I have to dip. Fecal consistency is liquid with no chunks. Looks yellow-ish and reeks of dead corpse.' To my girlfriends mother. I meant to send it to my girlfriend because she's a nurse and asked me to keep her updated on my posibble food poisoning. I actually got an answer back. 'That is great information, but I think you sent it to the wrong person...' oops. - roltrap


My friend sent out a group text with a picture of his brand new baby daughter. I didn't notice it was a group text and replied with something like 'Does her penis resemble yours?' It went to him as well as a bunch of his wife's family members that I didn't know. I got a bunch of 'who the hell is this?' and 'I don't know who you are or how you got this number but don't ever text me again' - SaulTNNutz


I sent a text meant for my gf to my boss. It read, 'there was a situation and I had to sh*t in the tub.' Unfortunately, it had not been a joke and I had sh*t in the tub. - danobeck


'Say hi to your mom for me' It was supposed to go to my wife who was having lunch with her mom, instead I sent it to my friend whose mom had died 2 days prior. - Aw_Hell_Naw


I texted my boss 'are you ready to go, you sushi slut?' I meant to text it to my friend because I was picking her up to go get sushi for dinner - LydiaGlikeMe


I skyped several porn links meant for my girlfriend to my dad.. - cp1701


When I found out my wife was cheating on me, I hired a private investigator later that day. He asked me to text him a picture of her so he would know what she looks like. I accidentally texted her with 'this is her' with the picture. Oops. - [deleted]

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