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Hotel employee shares story of getting revenge on 'really obnoxious mom.'

Hotel employee shares story of getting revenge on 'really obnoxious mom.'


Hotel tell all: Is the customer always right? 'How I dealt with a really obnoxious mom staying at the hotel I worked at...'

rogue1987 writes:

I worked part time at a hotel while studying. The summer was always a pain in the a*$ as the regular low key business folks was replaced with stressed out families. A lot of the times the moms would make a stink in the reception area. Our rooms are small but can fit 6 people max, but really tight, almost crammed.

This one time this mother, the mother of all Karens came with her family of five. She was angry from the moment she walked into the reception. When she finally got her turn to check in (all check-ins came at the same time so there was a line) she was annoyed and irritated even though I did my best to welcome them and greet them friendly.

They got their key and went to their room. Ten minutes later she came back and skipped ahead of the rest of the queue to complain about their room which she said was way too small for five people(even though it had five beds).

Her entire family came down. She harassed me for about five minutes even after I politely explained to her that there were no more rooms. Finally I caved and said 'look, we're not supposed to do this but if you want I can give you the money for the rooms cash, and you can find another hotel room.'

Finally a smile from this b*%ch. I refunded her with cash from the register and she went on their way. They had not used anything in the room so I marked the room as available. Ten minutes later another family reserved the room.

About thirty minutes after Karen left, they came back. She was even more stressed. 'There are no hotel rooms available in the entire town! We have no choice but to take your room' she said.

'Oh, I'm sorry I just sold the room' I told her. 'But I'd be happy to find you a hotel room in X or Y (neighboring cities both 40-45 minutes away).' This really set her off. 'We're going to the zoo! Driving 45 minutes each way is going to ruin our entire day!'.

'I know. You told me. But, to be fair, you did have a room here. It's always like this during the summer. All hotels are booked solid.'

'So you knew this?' She was so angry she was almost spitting. 'Yeah, of course there could be cancellations at some hotels. But it is not likely during the summer. But hey, enjoy the zoo and your new hotel!' I triumphantly said. She stomped off, and her husband gave her the angriest look I've ever seen. He looked so pissed at her for complaining.

So, there you have it!

Looks like when you respect the service industry, the service industry respects you. Stay kind!

Sources: Reddit
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