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20 phrases to say upon meeting new people that will make them instantly dislike you.

20 phrases to say upon meeting new people that will make them instantly dislike you.


We all want to make a good impression on people when we first meet them. But sometimes, you say something that's accidentally a huge turn off. Luckily, 20 users took to the internet to share phrases that make them instantly dislike a person. Save yourself and never say these sentences. Take a look!

'When you meet New people, what is a sentence that instantly makes you dislike the Person?'


Bragging about being an AH or a b*tch .- mssleepyhead83


The whole 'I'm just brutally honest' concept is really just 'I don't think the social contract applies to me when I don't like it.' -khanman51


Same for any woman who says “Boss lady” or “queen”. I love it, I know who to avoid. Instant red flags, rabbit in the cook pot flags right there. - worriedgeologist8


'I don't like drama.' or 'Oh, I don't do drama.'

Get ready. If this is a coworker or anyone you have to be around, you are about to encounter a lot of drama. -fruitycream


'Entertain me'.

People that don't know how to talk and expect you to bring new subjects while they only offer one sided answers. - hercastle


Had a coworker tell me 'I hate gossip. I never gossip. As opposed to those two little bitches over there, see them? They're always talking behind people's backs. Watch your back.' -aztecmom


'You seem to be going out of your way not to mention the name of the company you're working with. Is it Amway?' 'No, no. It's not Amway.' 'If I do a search on the name, am I going to find out that they're affiliated with Amway?' 'Ok, it's Amway, but it's not like you're thinking. I'm investing in myse...hey, where are you going?' -markstanfill


I have no filter. ———— everyone I had heard say that is just an arrr hole and so very mean - innklady8


“If you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best” -phantomwolf7


Not a specific sentence, but people who immediately bring up how much money they make and the stuff that they own seem shallow and gross to me. To be fair, I just don't like rich people in general. -staffgreats


“I’m a mama bear.” -acemetrical


If you tell me your a vegan within 30 seconds of meeting me. -dangercautious


Lol yes any variation of Girl Boss, Boss Babe, Mom Boss. 🤢Usually followed by some sort of MLM pitch. Full stop. - relevantengineer123


When I first meet people if the first thing they do is tell me what they do for a living I am instantly bored unless it happens to be one of the few jobs that are actually interesting. Mostly though I am screaming in my head please shut the f up and pkease make this stop. I would rather hear anything about you but what your job is. -dullgeologist


Anyone who calls women females. - ladybird


If you have to announce to the world you’re an alpha male, you’re definitely not an alpha male -andyp9


'Who are you and what are you doing in my house?' It's like, wow, you're not funny. please die. - nickovicko


Whenever you meet someone and their whole personality is bad sarcasm. You're like hi can I use the bathroom? They're like absolutely not. Then you have to wait for their bad pointless joke to land before they're like OF COURSE PLEASE GO USE THE BATHROOM. This type of personality bores me so deeply I could die. - frieghtend0


Whenever a girl says something like 'I'm one of the guys.' It's like wow so you identify as an idiot? Embarrassing for her LOL. - ml897


Anytime you ask someone you just met for something and they're like...that'll be $5000 dollars. It's like oh my god who raised you to be this unfunny. - lawless9

There you have it! Never utter these phrases and you should be in the clear.

Sources: Reddit
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