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5 People Having A Bad Monday

5 People Having A Bad Monday


5. Kim Kardashian for being fined $1.26 million by the SEC.

Kardashian was fined after promoting crypto asset EthereumMax tokens on her Instagram but failed to disclose that it was a paid promotion and how much she was paid.

Kim has already paid the $1.26 million fine and is cooperating with the SEC. The SEC chair Gary Gensler released what I assume is the SEC's version of a dis-track to take on wealthy influencers like the Kardashians.

Move out of the way, Pete Davidson! Kanye West has a new guy to hate on.

4. King Charles for trying to shut down Prince Harry's memoir.

The royal family has voiced their concern over Prince Harry's memoir for quite some time, and now King Charles is expressing his concern. English publishing sources are leaking what feels like a wishful manifesting of Harry pushing back the release date of his memoir to 2023, but that isn't confirmed with sources outside of the UK.

Palace aides are concerned because it's believed that the memoir contains damaging royal family secrets. They are causing fans on the internet to voice their desire for it.

Crossing our fingers that Harry keeps the juicy details in the book. If anybody watches the Crown on Netflix, boy oh boy, there may need to be some revisions for the upcoming season.

3. This statue of Grandpa Lou at Universal Studios.

2. This man, after what he did in a panic.

1. Anybody that had any relation to Jeffrey Dahmer and his victims.

Netflix just released its new biopic, 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,' which reached the #1 show on TV this weekend. The show stars Evan Peters, Niecy Nash, and Molly Ringwald chronicling the 17 known victims murdered by convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and how he evaded arrest for so long.

Glenda Cleveland - Dahmer's neighbor, played by Niecy Nash - has a niece that said the show had brought nothing aside from bringing back past trauma upon the victims and their families.

People are upset about another show glorifying a man who killed and murdered innocent people. What's also upsetting is how weirdly obsessed we are with white men who murder abundantly.

Whoever buys this needs an intervention.

Go to therapy!

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