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'AITA for telling coworker not to send his baby registry to employees?' He says I am.

'AITA for telling coworker not to send his baby registry to employees?' He says I am.


When this employee is weirded out by his coworker's baby registry request, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for for telling my coworker his baby registry request was inappropriate?'

I (21M) work at a supermarket deli, and have for almost a year. There’s this new guy (Late 20s?M), who’s been here for a month. We have a group chat for the manager to send our schedules and request time off etc. I guess this new guys having a kid soon because he’s sent a link to help pay for his baby registry like 3 times.

I feel like that’s something you ask of family and close friends, not people you’ve worked with for a month and barely know.

Anyway he’s sent it 3 times and the first 2 times myself and my other coworkers didn’t say anything, because maybe he didn’t know it’s a kind of strange request.

But this 3rd time I texted in response “(Name) this is the kind of thing you ask people you know more than us, I think it would be appropriate to stop sending it”.

Then he said “I’ll be leaving this group convo because certain people can’t keep their trashy opinions to themselves”. Obviously referring to me. My coworkers agree someone needed to say this to him but clearly he got offended. Was I being rude? AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say on this one.

wtfdidijustread8 writes:

NTA registries are for close friends, family and close coworkers only. If it makes them uncomfortable to hear that it is inappropriate, that is on them for making the inappropriate request to begin with. No one that they work with owes them a dang thing.

anapplelady adds this interesting point:

It'd also be one thing to ask the manager 'hey I know I'm kinda new but would it be okay if I shared this? No pressure on anyone' and then if they got the green light to just post and say 'hey, I know we don't know each other super well and...

...none of you are obligated to buy us anything, but if you want to, here it is' and leave it at that. One post, no obligation. No further mention of it. Posting 3 times to people you don't know well is definitely excessive, and his reaction was way out of line. NTA.

keystone283 writes:

NTA. I would feel the same. Times are tough and everybody is looking for “help”. You didn’t have to call him out in the group chat maybe? He might just be excited and misguided about what’s appropriate? That being said, it has the same energy as when randoms on social media post payment links for routine occasions like a birthday.

It’s gauche and tacky, but also it’s becoming more normalized to just shoot your shot publicly for money without caring about the optics of it all. Yikes. Your opinion wasn’t trashy, the behavior of asking acquaintances for gifts is. He probably felt embarrassed.

Looks like OP isn't a total AH. Coud he have been a bit less harsh on his coworker? Clearly they are struggling.

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