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Woman gets 'hilarious revenge' on religious aunt after 'abusive baptism incident.'

Woman gets 'hilarious revenge' on religious aunt after 'abusive baptism incident.'


When this woman is upset with her extremely Christian aunt, she asks Reddit:

Watch out readers, this one's a doozy.

"AITA if I refuse to "de-baptise" my aunt?"

My parents believe in the freedom of choosing one's own religion. My mother was raised catholic, while my father believes in a god without participating in any church. I (14) honestly do not care too much about the topic.

To the dismay of my aunt. During my childhood, she constantly tried to pressure my mother into getting me baptized.

Whenever I visited them, she would try to push Christianity on me (she would read the bible to me and take me to her church - among other things). This made me very uncomfortable to the point where I did not want to visit anymore.

I recently developed an interest in herbs and plants. This somehow convinced her, that I practice witchery.

Now she constantly switches between trying to "save" me and making a point of avoiding me. Most of the family thinks her silly - but like always, when she is acting crazy, everyone just accepts it. Since I did not budge, she focused on my brother (5).

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