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'AITA for wanting to put our baby daughter in a different room? Our basement is large.'

'AITA for wanting to put our baby daughter in a different room? Our basement is large.'


When this father is wondering what to do with his baby, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for wanting to put our baby daughter in a different room?"

My wife (40F), daughter (1F), and I (39M) live in a 2 bedroom house. Currently our daughter sleeps in our room. My wife and I both work from home and we each have some additional space for our home offices.

My wife suggested turning my home office into a play space for our daughter. I suggested sectioning off part of our full basement as a bedroom for our daughter. Our basement is large, has windows, no issues with dampness/mold etc. My wife thinks I'm the AH for putting our daughter in the basement. AITA?

Edits from OP:

edit: Sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean we should put our daughter in the basement now. I meant in the future as an option for when she's no longer sleeping in our bedroom.

edit2: The basement and my office are the same distance from our bedroom. They even have the same number of stairs.

edit3: The basement is safe, lots of exits at ground level, low radon levels, no mold or dampness, electric furnace (not gas or oil). If anything it's safer than my office which is up stairs.

edit4: please stop assuming and ask for INFO. I would obviously never put my daughter in danger. I would finish the basement before I put her down there. And radon is a concern which is why we had it tested, had mitigation installed, and continue to test. JFC, obviously I wouldn't put my daughter in a position where she would be exposed to unsafe levels is radon.

edit5: our house has a weird layout. It's a large 2 bedroom with 4 toilets, a main floor (with the master bedroom), a full basement, and a small upstairs with a studio and guest bedroom.

Let's find out.

shadowjack43 writes:

I was ready to say no one's the Ahole, cause I see why he doesn't want to move his office and I can see why she wouldn't want her kid in the basement (even if it is safe), but that changed my vote to YTA.

There's no way that he's going to set up a bedroom in the basement for his daughter and then move her upstairs when she's older and 'can appreciate the views'.

He just doesn't want to give up his lake view, which he can't appreciate himself anyway (I personally don't look out the window while I'm working, so it may be different for others).

einsteinGO writes:

YTA. Put your office in the basement. I’d be very concerned about baby being on a different floor than your bedroom, or in a place in the house where she can’t be heard if something is wrong with your baby monitor.

Keeping a lake view for yourself and relegating your 1 year old to the basement is bad parenting.

jezebel87 writes:

YTA. I'd have a variety of safety concerns with this - being unable to hear her, whether she would be near dangerous items/hazards in a basement, and fire safety.

If she's sleeping on the same floor as you, it would be much easier to grab her from her room in the event of a fire, but in the basement, she could be trapped down there.

Also, she's used to sleeping in your bedroom, so moving her to a different part of the house, and what is I assume is the scariest part of the house, may be really hard for her and/or not go well as this is a drastic change. I'm sure you can still find other ways to enjoy the lake view. Wow.

Well, looks like this dad is a major AH. What do YOU think he should do?

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