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Man calls his brother a 'bigot' when he won't let him hold his newborn nephew.

Man calls his brother a 'bigot' when he won't let him hold his newborn nephew.


When this man is upset with his brother, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for calling my brother a bigot for not letting me hold his newborn son?'

I’m an openly bise*ual male, and my brother is a straight conservative Christian and a chiropractor. He is coming to visit my area for July 4th with his wife and baby. He called me asking if I’d been tested for HIV recently before I could hold my nephew, and I said “yes” and that it had come back negative.

Feeling perplexed and offended as what he was implying sinked in, I asked him if he’d asked any other family in our area that same question, to which he admitted “no”.

Then we had a lengthy discussion about whether or not HIV is primarily a disease that affects “gay” men and if skin-to-skin contact is a vector for transmission.

He assumed that I’d had multiple sex partners and threw CDC and NIH data at me, claiming he just wanted to “protect his son”, as if I was somehow a danger to him due to my “lifestyle” as he called it.

I’d never revealed how many partners I had to him or any other family member, so I felt he was sl**-shaming me out of the blue.

I accused him of having an unfair bias against me, and he kept repeating that he was a “crunchy parent” and that his concerns were perfectly valid and backed by science.

Later on that night, I shared with him on Facebook Messenger some CDC info of my own debunking the myth that HIV can be spread through touch, but he insisted that..

I could still somehow get blood on him with my pimpled arms (I suffer from eosinophilic foliculitis, a non-contagious skin condition) and that his baby likes to put his hands in his mouth all the time.

I got upset and said his overblown worries were not an excuse to single me out for being LGBT.

I told him he needed to apologize for his unfair bias, but he once again kept parroting talking points and tried to bow out by saying goodnight and “I hope you never get an STD.”

But I was not done with him yet. Over the next several hours, I sent what became a wall of text expressing my anger and hurt.

I told him he needs to drop his biased assumptions about me, that I was no more a health risk to the baby than his 84-year-old great-grandpa, called him out on his religious hypocrisy for treating his own brother the opposite way Christ would...

questioned his medical training and told him “Data is not the whole story, you don’t know everything,” and demanded he acknowledge what he did by insulting me with his bigotry was wrong.

By about 7 AM the following morning, I saw that he’d read my messages, and I wondered if I’d went too far standing up for myself in the face of what I perceived as ignorance and bias. I haven’t heard from my brother since. AITA?

Let's find out.

flakyburnt writes:

NTA. If in The Year of Our Lord two thousand twenty two, your brother doesn't understand how HIV is transmitted, it's willful ignorance.

I get being a paranoid new parent, but this is FAR beyond hand sanitizer and a TDaP booster. 'We don't know everything' ugh. If I knew how to curse in Klingon, I would.

I'm sorry your brother is a bigot. Your wall o' text may have been much, but he needs to apologize, not you.

zippykoala writes:

NTA - we’ve known for decades thet you can’t get HIV from touch, even if you were HIV+ there are anti virals that reduce the load so much you can’t transmit it and so he is being a homophobic idiot.

Also, and going out on a limb here, I’m assuming that your crunchy bro is also anti-vax. So there’s potentially a far greater chance his kids could die of measles or covid than they could of HIV.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him as he deals with his toxic brother?

Sources: Reddit
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