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Man doesn't believe that his brother has 'changed,' won't let go of his 'dark past.'

Man doesn't believe that his brother has 'changed,' won't let go of his 'dark past.'


When this man is upset with his brother, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for not letting my brother's dark past die down?'

I (28M) have always been in second-place to my disabled younger brother, Evan (26M). Ever since he was a teenager, he's been suffering from severe mental health issues, and my needs were always swept aside so that my parents could take care of Evan.

After Evan graduated from high school, he immediately fell into heavy drug use, and before long, he amassed a hefty rap sheet, including a weapons charge.

After a few years of his nonsense, my little brother finally got his act together, and decided to enroll in community college. He eventually transferred to a 4-year college for a degree in physics.

He seems to have turned his life around; currently in his 3rd year of undergrad, he's already published 2 papers and taken part in a few important academic conferences.

He aspires to do his PhD in computational physics, has been clean for years now, goes to therapy for his mental health issues and is staying out of trouble with the law.

He has many good friends and role models now, and whenever I meet him, Evan is always very polite and thoughtful, a complete 180 from when he was a deadbeat. I am SO proud of him.

But even so, I cannot let go of my lifelong resentment of him, and sometimes, when he would talk about what he wants for his future, the only response I have for him is 'don't f this up'.

This past Christmas, my family got together for dinner, and Evan brought along his girlfriend, who he plans on proposing to.

During the night, my parents still kept on heaping all the attention onto my brother, and how they're so proud of him and all that, and it reminded me of my childhood.

At one point during the night, I snidely joked to Evan's girlfriend that his best trait as a parent would be pretending not to be shitfaced-drunk all the time.

Evan took great offense to this, and in fact he started crying and telling me that there was no point in me saying that. I ruined the night.

A few days afterwards, I had tried messaging my little bro, apologizing for what I had said to him and that I don't expect forgiveness from him. He's gone no-contact with me. AITA?

Let's find out.

pixiecrypto writes:

YTA you brother turned his life around and you still want to shit on him. Talk to your parents they are the one you have a real problem with. Tell them how you feel and what your youth did with you. Go the therapy’s holding on to this is toxic for you health.

trivialgroup8 writes:

Holy crap YTA. Sure, in my opinion, Evan's GF should be informed about his past, but that's his call as to when/how to do that, not yours.

(Also, as a computational physicist myself for most of my career, I wish Evan great success in the field.

wholedad87 writes:

Absolutely YTA. You decided to be petty and jealous to throw your brother's mental and addiction issues into his GF's face after his hard work in recovering and making a productive life for himself?

Completely fing cruel, dude.

Well, looks like OP is TA. But is Reddit being too harsh? What do YOU think?

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