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Brother refuses to walk sister down the aisle after she makes his wife's life 'hell.'

Brother refuses to walk sister down the aisle after she makes his wife's life 'hell.'


When this brother is annoyed with his sister, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing the opportunity to walk my sister down the aisle?'

My father passed away when I (m26) was 22 and my sister (f29) was 25. With this in mind, my sister, after getting engaged, asked me if I would do the honor of walking her down the aisle. At first I was elated and so I enthusiastically agreed. Then things quickly changed after my sister realized that my wife was pregnant.

In the proceeding months my sister made my wife's life hell (who initially had been one of her bridesmaids, but was relatively recently informed that she will not be one). Originally it was fine but as my wife's pregnancy became visible, my sister would at times taunt her and make rude comments towards her.

During her bachelorette party (just a few days ago), she even yelled at her because she was ruining her fun by being too distracting and 'not-drinking' (I kid you not). The ensuing onslaught resulted in my wife being removed as one of her bridesmaids.

She even left my PREGNANT wife on the side of the road as my sister made her way to a party planned, in part, by my wife and in a limosine paid for by me.

This coupled with the fact that she had asked me recently to ask my wife to stay at home, 'because her pregnancy will take attention away from her on her special day', just broke me. I called her up yesterday, after I found out what she said to my wife, and I told her that I will not be attending the wedding and that she will have to find someone else to walk her down the aisle.

That's when the calls began. Everyone has been calling me, telling me that I am overreacting and that I am intentionally trying to sabotage her wedding.

She even called to yell at me, and told me she had always hated 'that b@#ch' while referring to my wife. I told her to fu$%k off ofc.

My mother has been extremely sympathetic towards my wife and she agrees with me. My wife has been crying over this and she has herself received an onslaught of messages.

I blocked all my relatives (except my mother ofc) and am planning a trip to Disneyland for my wife and I on the day of my sister's wedding (as I already booked the days off from work and Disney is where my wife and I went on our first date, when we lived in LA). This news has started its own onslaught. Nevertheless AITA?

Let's find out.

butternutattack writes:

Imo these bridezillas are already a@#holes, they're just using 'their special day' as an excuse to let loose their entitlement, selfishness, and generally abusive behavior.

Let the trash take its self out, OP. Your sister isn't saying anything she didn't already believe, wedding or no wedding. NTA.

gnothro writes:

NTA. Frankly after what you described, I wouldn't even be on talking terms with her until she apologizes bigtime to your spouse. And anyone who takes sister's side after hearing the full story can f&*k off as well.

You stood up for your wife when it was maybe easier to go along to get along... Good job.

flimsycathartic7 writes:

NTA. Your sister systematically cut down and emotionally terrorized your wife for months before this incident and she sucked it up. Despite this she still planned the bachelorette party, some of which was paid for by you, then had the audacity to say your wife is ruining her good time by not drinking.

Then endangers her and your unborn child by ditching her on the side of the road. Nevermind the wedding duties… you are completely justified on never speaking to your sister again.

Looks like OP is NTA. Sounds like his sister is unhinged. If you were OP, what would YOU do?

Sources: Reddit
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