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Chelsea Handler responded to the Fox News critique of her 'Childless Woman' video.

Chelsea Handler responded to the Fox News critique of her 'Childless Woman' video.


Comedian Chelsea Handler isn't afraid to dive into controversy, ski topless, or boldly dare to enjoy and joke about the life she happily chose for herself as a successful woman without any children...

After dropping this hilarious and obviously fantastical sketch for The Daily Show, some people (looking at you Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro) clearly missed the joke. In the sketch, Handler can be seen sleeping in, teleporting, traveling to Paris on a whim, and inventing a time machine to go back in time and kill Hitler all in a day's work.

Of course, the responses were divided on Twitter...

This man knows she didn't really teleport to Paris, right?

Some people decided to diagnose her with depression...

Others loved the video:

On every level, this is clearly a comedy sketch. While Handler does seem to enjoy her child-free life and has every right to flaunt her freedom--it's that exact freedom that clearly triggered some Fox News correspondents. Calling Handler a 'deeply unlikable woman,' and a 'miserable woman,' with a womb that's a 'dried up tumbleweed,' Chelsea cleared up their confusion in a response video.

This time, the haters were harder to find...

Good luck to both child-free people and parents everywhere...we're all just trying to peacefully live our lives (and believe it or not, it's ok to joke about it).

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