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Employee is humiliated by coworker's behavior at dinner, says, 'you're embarrassing.'

Employee is humiliated by coworker's behavior at dinner, says, 'you're embarrassing.'


When this employee feels humiliated, they ask Reddit:

'AITA for not going out to eat with coworker anymore because she embarrasses me?'

Right now im working on a travel project where i'm a surveyor. Our assignment right now is 100 percent travel so were staying in hotels, going out to eat alot more than normal. My current partner is Sam.

We share a company car at the location for now and she is a nice woman who is good at her job and generally pleasant to be around.

However, whenever we go out to eat she turns into a mega karen and can be really obtuse towards waiters/staff. I've gone out to eat with her many times over the past few weeks, and every single time there has been a problem with her meal/drink.

She always sends stuff back for no reason, or for the dumbest reasons. Is always demanding a discount at the end because she had to send stuff back or demanding additonal items. If the server refuses she always demands a manager and gets very curt and direct.

I always just stare at my plate because im kinda embarrassed. And no joke, this happens at every meal when we go out to eat.

I told her i wouldn't be joining her for dinner anymore and she asked why, i avoided it but she wanted an answer and i told her that her behaviour was embarrassing. She got really mad and our work relationship is now strained. AITA?

Let's find out.

stalvis writes:

NTA. You're a good person for calling her out on her abuse of waitstaff.

savage897 writes:

NTA: stuff like that is really embarrassing, it is one thing if there is a legitimate problem, it’s completely different if something is literally always wrong, at that point they are trying to get a free meal or something which is just not fun to be around.

maroonground writes:

NTA. She's not a nice woman who is generally pleasant to be around. She fakes nice with people who have any power over her or that she considers equals, and abuses anyone else. If she can be cruel and get away with it she will.

And you're seeing that. If she causes any problems at work, speak with HR. But she's not a nice woman. Next time you go out to eat with her (if ever again) flat-out tell the waitstaff when you order that the meal will be sent back a few times, and that YOU will be tipping, so they can ignore the problems of your coworker.

Get up, walk over to them, and warn them that she's a terrible customer. I know that I would have asked the manager to take care of that table. But NTA, at all, for refusing to eat with her AND for telling her why.

She kept asking and pushing? Common sense says she wouldn't want to know the answer. But, since you now know she's like this...keep an eye on how she acts to subordinates at work. I bet it's not pretty and they'd appreciate the backup from you.

Looks like OP is NTA. Is this coworker a Karen? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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