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Woman screams at dad when he criticizes son's finances, dad says 'you're just as bad.'

Woman screams at dad when he criticizes son's finances, dad says 'you're just as bad.'


When this woman is angry at her father, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for screaming at my dad when he lectured my brother about losing lots of money on crypto?'

My brother (23m) was dumb and invested a lot of his savings in crypto. He bought at the peak, sold at the bottom, and lost a lot of money. He's been depressed/anxious about this and beating himself up over it.

My dad (48m) is ironically a financial advisor and found out today when my brother admitted it. He had told my brother and me not to invest in crypto when we joked about doge coin last year and he told us millions of times to diversify diversify diversify.

Well my brother didn't listen to any of that and my dad when he found out started being a total sh*thead to my brother (in my opinion). Saying things like 'tell me you're joking.

You're joking, right?? why on earth would you do such a dumb thing?', 'I told you millions of times last year not to buy crypto! you should only be buying diversified mutual index funds', 'you made these choices and now you're learning your expensive lesson'.

Things that are NOT HELPFUL and not serving any purpose other than to fill my dad's ego and make my brother feel even worse. Like seriously, why even say these things???

I (22f) told my dad to shut up since he's not adding anything to the conversation (btw my brother at this point was near tears). My dad said oh please don't be a hypocrite. You're spoiled.

My dad got mad at me and maybe I went overboard, I was very upset for my brother, I screamed at my dad that this is exactly why my brother and I never confide in him about anything important and we go to our mom (they're divorced) instead since my mom actually has empathy.

He yelled back that he does have empathy, I said if he did then I wouldn't be so excited to remove him out of my life when I'm older and not financially dependent on him. Now we are not speaking. He didn't even apologize to my brother either. My brother left and is probably still depressed.

I feel bad now for making my dad so upset but also, I feel like he reacted so sh*ttily to my brother for no reason! But now I feel guilty. I also live with him currently. AITA for screaming at him for what he said to my brother??

Let's find out.

superlove67 writes:

YTA. Your dad was right all along. Your brother ignored him and lost a lot of cash. Did you ever consider how insulting it is to your dad that he, an expert of probably decades, got ignored by his own son? And 'I can't wait to not need your money any more' is just cruelty personified.

kalaliva writes:

YTA. How cruel of OP to treat her father like a cash machine just good enough to give and keep giving until he’s thrown away. OP do you really see your father like this because that comment was a slap in his face.

He worked his whole life to provide for you, expressed frustration because his kid didn’t listen to sound advice, and his other kid just stabs him in the heart with those hurtful words. Your brother did take an expensive lesson indeed, what was Dad supposed to do when he heard his advice was not listened to?

And you OP, if you’re all that, at 22 you wouldn’t be financially dependent on him. You have the gal to treat him like garbage, yet you still need him.

Go on then, go make your own money. If your father wanted to teach you another lesson he’d kick your freeloading entitled ass to the streets too. But he loves you, and he’s still there for you.

evilfinch98 writes:

Son wanted to show dad that he knew better by gambling, ups, invest his money in crypto and know he whines about the lost money. He 'invested' money that he wasn't ready to lose. What did he thought would happen? He get rich fast? Why else gamble with crypto. He was warned, he still did it. Did he really expect sympathy?! YTA.

Well, looks like OP is TA. Any advice for her going forward?

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