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Dad's 'funny' Xmas gift to son's GF makes her cry; dad says, 'don't be so sensitive.'

Dad's 'funny' Xmas gift to son's GF makes her cry; dad says, 'don't be so sensitive.'


When this dad feels guilty about his behavior on Christmas, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for giving my son's gf a funny xmas present as a joke?"

I 43f have a 21 year old son. My son have a girlfriend he’s been seeing for about 5 months now, Amanda20. Amanda came for Christmas this year. My other son17 have a gf Mel who joined us for Christmas as well. This was her second Christmas with us.

For Christmas I wrapped one box full of coal for Amanda. Wrapped it up as a gift. I did the same for Mel’s first Christmas with us. Kind of a prank I’d say. Mel handled it like a champ, thought it was really funny.

The coal wasn’t the only gift I gotten Amanda. I had also bought her candles, perfumes, and an outfit for her dog. (She dresses her dog up all the time.)

Well when Amanda opened this gift of coal her eyes got all watery and she looked at me and says, “I bought you a really nice gift.” And walked out.

I followed her out, telling her I got her other gifts and it was just a joke, but she got in her car and left. My son took the gifts I bought her so he can bring them to her house, but Amanda is really upset about this I guess.

I do feel slightly guilty because she had bought me a necklace and some pots and pans kitchen sets. But I don’t think I’m the AH, it was just suppose to be a funny joke, and I had bought her other gifts. AITA?

Let's find out.

frumundathunder writes:

NTA it’s harmless, you got her other nice things, and it’s so obviously not malicious. If someone actually gave me coal it’s crystal clear that it’s a joke. She’s an adult, she should be able to handle that.

topput2014 writes:

YTA. One person posted on here that on her first Christmas with her bfs family every single person gave her coal. I can't remember if it broke them up or not. Pranks are plain and simple not funny. When are people going to realise that?

cabinet87 writes:

I mean when it singles out one person and the only people that find it funny are the perpetrators it’s called bullying, when it singles out a person and is a requirement to join entry to a group it’s called hazing.

This isn’t a prank, it’s just mean. But at least the OP and family will “never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that poor girl will run.

She gave up time she could have spent with her family that actually loves and supports her to be the butt of a joke that isn’t even funny. She put time and effort into making a good impression on you and your family as well as buying a thoughtful gift and you didn’t do the courtesy of doing the same OP.

And I don’t think candy, candle, etc. are “thoughtful gifts”. They’re likely “bonus gifts” that have been lying around to give to the babysitter, or mail person, or unexpected guest.

They’re things you buy to not be rude and do the minimum for an person who unexpectedly gives you a gift and not the saving Grace you think they are. But you gave her none of that at your house. You gave her coal while everyone laughed at her.

Well, seems like the jury's out. Is OP an AH or is Amanda too sensitive? What do YOU think?

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