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Daughter exposes mom's 'weird' internet behavior, tells dad it's 'creepy A F.'

Daughter exposes mom's 'weird' internet behavior, tells dad it's 'creepy A F.'


When this daughter is weirded out by her mother, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for exposing my mother's creepy internet behavior?'

My (28f) mother (68) uses a fake name with no photos on Instagram. She uses the account to follow me because I live abroad and some cooking/baking accounts.

She's of the mentality that women shouldn't upload photos and if they do they should be ultra-modest.

We're Middle Eastern and Muslim, but she's very socially conservative and can't seem to comprehend the fact that younger generations have changed. I have a cousin (28f) who is a newcomer Instagram influencer in my home country.

She's a beautiful young lady and Im so proud of her for creating a decent source of income for herself. My mother disagrees and thinks she's exposing herself to harms way and the 'life of sin and danger'.

My cousin lost both parents at a young age and her family, including my mother, hardly stepped in to provide any kind of support. Ive been abroad for over a decade and still helped my cousin out mentally and financially and we have a good relationship.

My mother added my cousin on her fake account and claimed to be a 40 yr old woman who knows me and follows my work (Im a journalist). I didn't know any of this and thought my cousin was aware of my mother's account.

Last week my cousin asked me if I knew this woman and I told her it's my mom using a fake name. My cousin laughed and asked why she made up a whole character to talk to her.

I didn't understand but I dropped it. Well my mom is calling me an AH for exposing and embarrassing her. I asked her why she hid her identity and she said 'I wanted to create a safe account and befriend your cousin so she can talk to me because she has no one.

She's on a path of destruction and needs guidance so I pretended to be a woman closer to her age who can comfort her'. I told my mom that it's ridiculous she thinks someone like my cousin who is Instagram savvy wld open up to a complete stranger that is asking intrusive questions.

She said well many ppl form friendships online. I said why not just be her aunt instead of trying to be her friend?

My mon said she had a real account a while back but my cousin blocked her because she kept asking her if she had a boyfriend, and she'll be more comfortable talking about her personal life with a younger stranger than her aunt. I told my mom that's basically catfishing and creepy af.

Even if her intentions were good in wanting to offer guidance, she overstepped. That she was never there when my cousin was orphaned but feels entitled to project her righteousness on a young woman making a name for herself.

Mom got very upset and isn't talking to me. I think she needed to be called out but my dad and brother think I was too harsh. AITA?

Let's find out.

em88 writes:

NTA. Truths are truths - you exposed the account by accident. Sounds like your mom needed the feedback.

hunglikeelephant writes:

NTA. The problem with religious zealots is that their belief is so strong some of them will abandon all etiquette and decorum if they think your eternal soul is on the line.

I believe in a higher power but you have to win hearts by saying your piece and let people make their own decisions. It’s not your job to enable your mom to harass your cousin if she’s made her point and been disagreed with already.

bligie writes:

NTA. The HILARITY of conservative, religious peeps thinking it's appropriate to lie to people, judge their 'life path' and then get upset for being exposed. 10/10 hypocrisy.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her moving forward?

Sources: Reddit
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