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Woman gets hair stylist fired after he says something inappropriate about her daughter.

Woman gets hair stylist fired after he says something inappropriate about her daughter.


When this woman is angry at her hairdresser, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for getting a hair stylist fired for suggesting something offensive and inappropriate about my daughter?'

Background: My daughter 'Tia' has a cognitive delay. Although she's 25yo, her intellectual and emotional capacity are that of a 12/14yo. I'm her legal guardian.

Tia and I visited our regular salon last month to get her hair cut. While shampooing her hair, the stylist ('Alejandro') noticed she had lice. Instead of telling her quietly, he caused a big scene that left Tia in tears.

His reaction was so loud and exaggerated, it caused everyone in the salon to stare. He gasped audibly and took two steps back. Throwing his hands in the air and tilting his hip, he shrieked, 'Oh Jesus! Girrrlll, you're crawling with piojos! They probably went south, so you better get checked for labia lobsters!'

My daughter was dumbstruck. She didn't understand the words he was saying, but she sensed his tone. By the time I got to his booth from the waiting area, her chest was hitching and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I put a towel around Tia's head and guided her out of the chair. I told her we had to leave because her brother had locked himself out of the house. Alejandro and I locked eyes, and I gave him a look of utter disdain.

Once we were safely in the car, her sobbing had subsided. I told her that her brother had texted me that he found his keys, so we could get ice cream. We started talking about other things, like her friend group. That brightened her mood, and she seemed to forget the incident.

We finished our ice cream, and I told her we should get her hair cut while we were out. I said that Alejandro's shift had ended and that we needed to go to a different salon. Once there, I surreptitiously advised the stylist that she needed a lice treatment.

By the time we got home, I was steaming mad. It haunted me all evening and into my nightmares. The next day, I searched the internet for the name of the salon's CEO. I called his office and demanded to speak with him. He wasn't available, but his assistant took my complaint and promised to pass it on.

FF a month later, and I had heard nothing from the salon. It was time for my son to get a haircut, so I called to make an appointment—with anyone but Alejandro.

I asked for three different dates, but the stylist who answered the phone ('Alicia') told me they were booked. Her tone was curt, which made my 'spider senses' tingle.

I just came out and said it. 'Alicia, is something wrong?' Her response floored me. She said, 'Yes, something is wrong. You got Alejandro fired. You could have handled it with the store manager, but you didn't. Your family isn't welcome here anymore.'

My jaw dropped, and all I could manage was a timid 'okay.' I hung up and began to reflect. Am I the asshole for reporting Alejandro to the CEO? Am I a Karen?

Let's find out.

satiricallysardonic writes:

NTA.You could have handled it with the store manager, but that isn’t the problem here.

The problem is that Alejandro behaved disgustingly towards your daughter. The fact that the salon are more bothered by the fact it was the CEO that fired him rather than the store manager is really telling of the type of people they are.

sparearticler98 writes:

NTA. Call that CEO again, Alicia needs sorting, too. I can’t even fathom Alicia’s part being true but if it is, she needs to go too.

Alejandro is an absolute AH and got what he deserved.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. What would YOU have done in this situation?

Sources: Reddit
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