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Daughter boycotts paying rent to parents after they call her a 'lowlife incel.'

Daughter boycotts paying rent to parents after they call her a 'lowlife incel.'


When this daughter is feeling bitter, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to pay rent?'

I (22F) have been diagnosed with depression and gaming addiction. I hold a stable job making a very good salary and I have moved back with my parents to save up for a down-payment as well as their general concern over my mental state.

To be frank I have no hobbies other than gaming, and the only social life I have is playing games with IRL and online friends.

However after I graduated university and came back, my parents have elected to smash one of my monitors, cut my ethernet cord and now physically taken my PC due to arguments over my gaming habits. After work I come home and play games until I sleep, and over on the weekends I play games the entire day.

It has been going on since two weeks ago, and they are refusing to give back my PC even though my psychologist says that this is doing more harm than anything.

They call me childish for not being able to control my own habits despite the fact that I am holding my own job.

This has caused me to become more depressed than usual, with my days now often spent 95% of the time with me in bed aimlessly scrolling through social media. I am back on my antidepressants, and they seem to think that this is the better alternative.

I have voiced this opinion countless times but they refuse to listen to me or my psychologist (and I have a letter written from them).

I use to pay a much above average monthly rent for my 1 bedroom and washroom that I share with my siblings. However, this month I refused to pay my 'rent' since they are treating me as a 'child' and as a 'child', they do not pay rent.

They are now calling me a vindictive asshole and freeloader and lowlife incel because I am no longer contributing to the household. AITA?

Let's find out.

solitaryteaparty writes:

ESH. Just move out. You’ve admitted you can afford to, so there’s no sense in staying there if they’re making you miserable. If they’re stealing or breaking your stuff, you can take legal action, but they may also be able to do the same to you if you stop paying rent.

esh7655 writes:

If she just works and plays video games, does she do any cleaning or cooking or does she just leave that to the rest of the household? If she rented with roommates would the roommates put up with her not contributing to any chores?

Also how loud is she when she plays and how late into the night does she play? If she plays super loud and/or late that is disruptive to others.

Destroying her PC and cutting chords might be overkill, thus the parents are AH.

But if they have talked to her and nothing has improved I can see them hiding her stuff at least. If she can't do basic adulting chores and be considerate of others, then maybe she isn't ready to be treated like an adult.

throjob writes:

Because OP wants to have the privileges of an adult without the financial responsibilities of one. If OP wants a home where they can do what they want, they can move out of their parents' place and find somewhere else to live (presumably where they will pay rent).

Well, looks like jury's out on this one. Is OP being an AH? What do YOU think?

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