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Woman confronts dentist during cleaning, 'this radio station makes me uncomfortable.'

Woman confronts dentist during cleaning, 'this radio station makes me uncomfortable.'


When this woman is annoyed with her dentist, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for specifically stating I don’t want a certain teeth cleaner?'

I have been going to the my dentist for like 5 years now. One of the perks of my dentist is that we either get to watch tv or listen to music while we get our teeth cleaned.

I recently Went my to the dentist and the lady who cleaned my teeth was ridiculous. An older Katy Perry song came on the Spotify station (I think it was swish swish) and the lady promptly said “this is too inappropriate.” And changed the station to a Christian station.

I said, “hey. I was enjoying that station. Can you turn it back.” She replied “I don’t feel comfortable with that radio station. I responded with “well I don’t feel comfortable with this radio station” (I am an atheist). The lady made a noise that made it seem like she was offended and then rushed to clean my teeth and was a little rough doing so.

When I was checking out, the front desk lady asked if I would like to renew the plan I had (it includes a certain number of visits and cleanings for a certain price over a year) and make my next appointment.

Before I have a date I asked if there was anyway It could be ensured that I didn’t have the lady who cleaned my teeth again. The woman at the front desk asked why and I explained why.

The lady excused herself (I guess to go talk to the Lady who cleaned my teeth) and came back with the dentist who owns the practice and he said that they do not take that sort of request unless it’s a valid reason.

He then said while they take the comfort of their customers seriously they also have to take into account the comfort of their employees and that her request to not want to listen to what she finds as “offensive” and “inappropriate” is valid. He then said that me making an issue out of this is uncalled for and offensive.

So then I said “well then I will have to think about if I want to make another appointment again.” The dentist then said, “oh you won’t have to think very hard. We don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be a client of ours anymore due to this unnecessary conflict” I left appalled. Am I really the asshole here?

zztopboatswain writes:

Idk why, but dentists offices (at least in my area) are always overly christian. it makes no sense to me! OP, you're NTA. as is often said on here, the trash is taking itself out. hope you can find a better dentist that doesn't want to shove religion down your throat (your mouth is full with their hands and tools already!!

bissastar writes:

NTA. WTF, this is insane! My dentists has us make appointments specifically with the hygienist of our choosing, so we can always be with the person we are most comfortable with.

In fact, I only stayed with this dentist so long because my hygienist is the best one I've ever had, and he knows my sensitive spots and is able to clean my teeth without hurting me! I'm so sorry you're going through this.

plorpington writes:

NTA. If she was so offended she could have switched it to anything but Christian music. Oldies. Musak. Whatever. She specifically chose Christian music to communicate its appropriateness.

Then she roughed you up for having the Gaul to say something. My dentist will let us say ‘I don’t want that hygienist again’ no questions asked. The fact that he wouldn’t just grant your request is a huge red flag.

Seems like they only want Christians for patients. I say let them have that and let your insurance company pay someone who isn’t a righteous bigot.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Is this Christian dentist in the wrong? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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