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Father 'shocks' son when he 'selfishly' asks for money to use cabin for honeymoon.

Father 'shocks' son when he 'selfishly' asks for money to use cabin for honeymoon.


When this father is conflicted, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for asking my son and his soon to be wife what he says is ridiculous request?'

My late wife and I invested in a small winter cabin years ago. I'm the owner now after her passing. My son (22) is getting married to his STBW in a month.

They have no money for a destination honeymoon, they were barely able to plan the wedding. He asked if they could spend their honeymoon in my winter cabin and I agreed but under the condition that they pay me.

He acted all shocked and tried to argue that it's his mom's cabin too but I pointed out how I'm the owner now and that I pay to keep it maintained. He got upset and accused me of being materialistic and selfish after I'd already been unhelpful with the wedding.

I told him I did the same thing with his aunt and it wasn't personal. He left with his fiancee and told the family about it. Now I'm being berating left and right and am being told to let him use the cabin and shamed me for asking for money.

I already told him a millionth times that getting married so soon was not a good idea but he refused to take my advice and had no regard for my opinion on the situation. AITA?

Let's find out.

straightsinger1912 writes:

YTA. It's your son! For his honeymoon! You're going to CHARGE YOUR SON?

Honestly, when you never hear from him, rarely see him, and have no relationship with any future potential grandchildren, I want you to remember this moment - the moment when you typed all that out, and found nothing wrong with charging your son to use your family cabin.

I wish you good luck, my friend, especially when you are much older and maybe need some help from your family. Life is long, and the arc of the moral universe - as they say - bends toward justice.

(if you genuinely want to resolve this - apologize to your son, tell him you'd be happy to have him use the cabin, and that you know it would have made his mother happy to know he would be beginning his married life there).

repulsivesim writes:

OP, YTA. Hoping on this comment since you mention the word gift. Is OP even planning on giving a wedding gift to his son that he clearly isn’t supportive of? Does he plan to go to the wedding, eat their food, and not give them a dime?

Could he not let them stay at the cabin as a wedding gift? Also OP mentions he pays to have the cabin maintained, he’d likely be paying that regardless if someone was staying there or not.

How does someone staying there a few days impact him at all? Son will go no contact after the wedding I’m betting.

easternfox writes:

YTA. Jesus. I can't imagine being this stingy with my own kid. Hey OP, some people love their kids and enjoy doing nice things for them, especially around weddings and such. Just FYI.

Looks like OP is TA. Can you believe he did this???

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