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Man tells GF to 'stop f*****g eating,' GF says, 'you're fat shaming me.' AITA?

Man tells GF to 'stop f*****g eating,' GF says, 'you're fat shaming me.' AITA?


When this man is annoyed with his girlfriend, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for yelling at my girlfriend to “stop f***ing eating?”

My (M26) sister (F23) runs a bakery business and she’s been struggling lately to keep up with orders because she’s been short staffed. She does a lot of orders for wedding cakes that require custard or marmalade fillings, and I offered to help her out by making these fillings at home and bringing them to her so she has less work to do.

Unfortunately, the past four times I’ve made these fillings, my girlfriend (F24) has literally dipped her fingers into the filling jars and contaminated them because, in her words, she “just wanted to try some.” I’ve tried explaining to her that she can’t dip her fingers in and contaminate the entire batch, because then I have to remake it. I said she should use a spoon and take some out if she wants to try so bad, but she just pouts and says that she likes using her fingers because it takes her back to her childhood.

Today, I was trying to finish some chocolate custard to send it over to my sister really fast because she was running late on a wedding cake order for an important client. I told my girlfriend beforehand to not eat the custard, and if she really wanted to, to please use a spoon.

I get out of the shower, and what do I see? She has her fingers in it again! I totally lost it because this is the fifth time she blatantly disregarded what I said, and I yelled at her and told her to “stop f***ng eating” the food I’m making, because it’s not for her and she’s contaminating it.

She started crying and got mad at me for “fat-shaming” her, even though I made no comment on her weight and she has no history of weight issues or eating disorders. I know I was harsh, but she kept pushing my limits. AITA?

Let's find out.

harmonia8 writes:

Does she also wear a diaper and draw on the walls with crayons because it reminds her of her childhood? NTA.

historicaldivide90 writes:

Lol, right?! What grown ass adult can’t just grab a spoon and HAS to dip their fingers into food?? OP is clearly NTA.

opporunt09 writes:

Agreed. This is so deliberate. She's not even pretending she forgot, just insisting that because she wants to, it's fine. There's gotta be something else going on here, and some weird passive aggressive desire to ruin things is the most likely answer. NTA.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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