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Man accused of 'sabotaging' wife's career; is called 'obnoxious jerk.' AITA?

Man accused of 'sabotaging' wife's career; is called 'obnoxious jerk.' AITA?


When this husband feels like he's been falsely accused of sabotage, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for 'ruining my wife's work'?"

My wife runs a website dedicated for cooking and recipes. She takes pictures of food before we eat wether it's lunch or dinner and post them on her insta account.

To be honest, I'm annoyed by having to wait so long for her to 'get the perfeft shot' of the food after decorating it, adding this fork and removing that salad dish. It just takes so long and I lose my appetite from just waiting til she's done. This has become the norm but yesterday, I decided I was having none of it.

I came home to find that she has cooked an entire feast as her 'next cooking project' and put it on the table. Note that by lokking at the whole table setting, I figured pictures had already been taken, right? but no, she said she was gOiNg to take few pictures and I had to wait.

She went upstairs to get her camera that's when I grabbed the spoon and started filling my plate from every dish she's made and 'ruining' the look as a result. I was hungry and unwilling to wait around for 10+ to eat.

She came downstairs, saw the 'damage' and blew up almost crying saying I just ruined her cooking project that she worked hours for as well as putting efforts into.

I said I was hungry and couldn't wait but she kept yelling how much of an obnoxious jerk I was for not waiting til dhe took pictures of the dishes she made, Even said that this was an AttEmPt of me to 'Sabotage' her success.

I said 'oh please enough with those conspiracy theories, I'm just hungry and couldn't wait til she got the perfect shot'. We had a big argument and she went upstairs crying. I finished my food then went out to cool off a bit.

When I returned she'd threatened that she'll never have me eat anything she cooks and said she'd rather throw it in the garbage then give it to a ungrateful, obnoxious jerk like me.

I said this wasn't cool but she told me to go f myself. I said fine then went to spend the night in the guests room. she texted me the word 'jerk' about 15 times til I turned my phone off. Today she has gone complete radio silence. AITA?

Let's find out.

km89 writes:

YTA, what the actual f**k. Sounds like this is her job or at minimum an important hobby. Keep a Lunchable and a juice box in the fridge for when you need to act like a child.

zuzaraqueen writes:

YTA. Dude she worked hard on it and you couldn’t wait a few minutes while she took pictures. If you can’t stand the wait then make your own food. You did do it to sabotage her since you KNEW that she hadn’t taken any photos yet. Apologize to your wife.

polarisfoot writes:

YTA. The fact that you said so yourself that you PURPOSELY destroyed her work that she made an effort for, for hours, mind you, you even went far by eating every single one. Just because you can't wait for another 10 minutes?

Want to eat as soon as you like? Then cook your own food. God, how hard must it be to cook a meal or just make a f*&king sandwich. I'll say this again for the people at the back.

YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO MAKE YOUR WIFE YOUR OWN CHEF OR MAID. This is her 'work', and technically, you're just a freeloader for her 'work'. You just get to eat because she 'works'. Cook your own damn meal.

Well, looks like OP is TA. What is YOUR take on the situation?

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