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Woman angry when husband says, 'please wait for your stepdaughter on Xmas morning.' AITA?

Woman angry when husband says, 'please wait for your stepdaughter on Xmas morning.' AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with her husband's scheduling decision on x-mas, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for wanting to allow 2 of my kids to open their Christmas presents as soon as they wake up instead of waiting for their older sister to come home from her moms house?"

Some background, my husband has a daughter from a previous relationship. She is now 7. We have been together for 5 years and now have a 3 year old and a 1 year old.

This year is the 7 year old's mother's turn to have her for Christmas morning, and we will get her at 1 pm on Christmas day. Our son can visibly see the presents under the tree and keeps trying to get to them.

My husband is insisting that we wait for our daughter to come home from her mother's house for all of the kids to open their gifts together. I feel that this is unfair because our son is 3.

He knows what presents are and is excited to open his gifts. Why should he have to wait when the 7 year old doesn't? She gets to open gifts at her mother's house as soon as she wakes up and then comes home to open her gifts at our house as soon as she gets here.

Our 1 year old doesn't know the difference, but our 3 year old is getting impatient and curious about what's under the tree. My hsuband says, come on you have to wait. My husband is now saying that he's done with Christmas day and that it's on me to make the turkey that HE committed to making for our dinner tonight. AITA??

Let's find out.

tessie96 writes:

NTA. BUT! Be careful with this one. I would let your son open one or two but save some for when the 7 year old gets there. If he opens them all now then he’s gonna have a meltdown when she’s opening hers and he doesn’t have any.

flowmebojo87 writes:

I disagree. OP would be the AH. How’s the 7 year old supposed to feel when she shows up to find Chtistmas is over, and her Christmas is an afterthought? Make the little kids wait… 1p isn’t late at all. Have a nice family Christmas then. Sounds like OP has also ruined it with her husband with her attitude.

aggravating78 writes:

NTA. Your kids should get to open presents on Christmas morning as well, especially ones from your side of the family. Save your own personal presents for when their sister arrives. It's good for little ones to spread their present opening throughout the day so they get to appreciate each gift without being overwhelmed.

As for the turkey, stand firm and wait for your husband to cook it. You can offer to help but he's got to follow through on his commitment. He's not in a good head space if he's making this a big issue.

Well, looks like the jury's out on this one. Is OP being a bad stepmom, or is this a reasonable request?

Sources: Reddit
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