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Woman calls aunt a 'Karen' on family vacation after 'horrifying' jellyfish incident.

Woman calls aunt a 'Karen' on family vacation after 'horrifying' jellyfish incident.


When this niece is annoyed with her aunt, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my aunt to stop being a Karen after vacation incident?'

My family and I went on vacation and we visited the jellyfish museum which was a massive acquarium dedicated to jellyfish. They must've had every species of jellyfish, it was massive and it was so cool as they were so colorful.

A few of the jellyfish tanks for some reason didn't have a protective lid on the top and it was possible to stick your hand in there. That's a dumb idea for obvious reasons and it had a label in Ukrainian and English telling you not to touch it.

The translation wasn't great something like 'to put hands in the water is forbidden' but you get the point.

Well my aunt decided to touch them, she explained that she's touched many jellyfish and she knows that this species is safe as she's seen them on the beach. I told her that's not a good idea but she told me to be quiet and she stuck her hand into the tank and it hurt a lot.

She started screaming and yelling and some old people were laughing at her. An employee came over and he barely spoke English but he said she was stupid for touching the jellyfish.

She asked for a manager and how she's going to sue bla bla bla. I was fed up and I told her to shut the f up and my mom told me I need to respect authority. I said no, the aunt was a dumbas* and we should leave the employees alone.

We went over to a clinic and she was fine, she wants to sue them and I told her to stop and it's her fault. Most of the family agrees however my mom is on her side. AITA?

Let's find out.

gyrosindi writes:

NTA I've been to the jellyfish museum in Kiev. You had to remove some kid thing to be able to touch them.

It's quite obvious it's not one of those acquariums where you can play with them. Marine ecosystems are quite fragile, people touching the tanks can contaminate the water. She could've hurt the jellyfish.

okmedicine98 writes:

NTA. In torts law there is something called assumption of risk. She’s an adult and assumed the risk of being stung after being told not too. She’s wrong and is just looking for a frivolous law suit that will likely get dropped anyway.

If you don’t like her encourage her and watch her not get her way spending money on attorneys fees. It’ll probably be great cautionary tale. Who knows. You’re NTA.

csm2017 writes:

I mean, you WERE respecting authority. In that situation the employees and the signs were the authority. NTA.

Looks like OP is NTA. What would YOU have said if your aunt tid this on vacation?

Sources: Reddit
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