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Woman refuses to buy Christmas gifts for her 'spoiled' nieces, sister is shocked.

Woman refuses to buy Christmas gifts for her 'spoiled' nieces, sister is shocked.


When this woman is fed up with her sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for not buying my nieces Christmas gifts?'

My sister (40f) has two kids (16f, 14f). I (36f) have 2 kids (6f, 5m). This year, my sister asked if we can not exchange gifts because she is saving up to take her kids on an extravagant vacation this spring (Europe), and wants to put the money that she’d use on gifts towards the trip. I say sure, no problem.

Fast forward to last week. She sends me a list of some of the things her daughters would like for Christmas. I respond and say thanks, but I am not getting them anything as you said you wanted to skip gifts this year.

She tells me she thought I’d still be getting the girls gifts. So I say okay no problem, here is what my kids would like. She corrects herself and says she would not be buying me or my kids gifts as she’s trying to save money for her trip as we had previously discussed, but she still thinks I should buy her daughters gifts.

I was appalled. It’s not like she can’t afford to buy my kids gifts. If that were the case, I’d absolutely still buy her kids gifts. She is choosing not to buy them gifts to spend the extra money on her own kids. No problem, but why should I still spend extra money on her kids then so they can get a nice vacation and extra gifts?

I thought about getting them a small gift card or something anyways, but decided against it as I didn’t want my sister to feel bad for not getting my kids anything. Im not wealthy. I could afford to get them something anyways, but I also have plenty of bills I could use the money for.

I told my sister if she wants me to get her kids gifts, I expect her to get my kids something, even something small, in return. She said no and called me an AH and a 'disgrace' because “it’s not her daughters’ fault they are going to Europe so she doesn’t have the extra money to spend on my kids this year”.

I caved and got them gift cards (because it’s not their fault my sister is being a jerk), and told my sister, but then she was mad that I spent less than usual on them. AITA?

Let's find out.

pfashboy writes:

NTA. You know what? I would buy your nieces the most obnoxious Christmas gifts. Like a karaoke mike, or a boom box. Something they would love that would just make your sister's life absolutely miserable.

Lunaticba87 writes:

NTA, but Question did you already send the gift cards?

If not I wouldn't send them. If you did send them I'd send your sister an itimized bill for the gift cards. Her entitlement level here is over 9000!

Well, seems like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

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