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Man leaves dad's fishing company to be an influencer. AITA? You be the judge.

Man leaves dad's fishing company to be an influencer. AITA? You be the judge.


When this man is upset about his past and his relationship to his father, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for leaving my family fishing business to intern with an up and coming influencer?'

My family have a really old small fishing company that's always provided for the family but has never made enough to really grow crazy. I'm the oldest and my Dad has been grooming me to take over the family business like he did and his dad before him.

I never loved fishing hut I don't hate it either. One day when we were cleaning our nets and counting out catch on the beach this influencer came up to me and after chatting for a bit offered me an internship so I dropped when I was doing and left with him.

We travel a bunch and I mostly do set up and make sure people don't bother him too much. He told me he is going to get a bunch more interns and that I'm going to be in charge of showing them the ropes.

To head off questions I don't get paid strictly speaking but all my needs are met as people usually give my boss(friend) stuff all the time and he let's me have some of it too. We both travel a bunch and usually we stay in pretty nice spots.

Sometimes we do some meditation camp outs too. His whole brand is loving people and people really resonate with it. I haven't seen my dad in about 3 years and I wonder AITA for walking away all of a sudden? AITA?

Let's find out.

blinkywrtie8 writes:

I'm having some trouble believing this is real as no-one could be so stupid. But then we do actually have what we call 'Influencers' - boggles the mind - so maybe there's a type of person so incredibly idiotic as to believe they could be their 'interns'. The jury didn't have to retire to consider their verdict: YTA.

comprehensive7 writes:

YTA because you're talking about Jesus and yourself as if you're one of the apostles. YTA for being so desperate for attention that you stole a story because you can't even come up with your own.

Looks like OP is TA. Go beg your dad for forgiveness!

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