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Man explodes at family dinner, exposes the awful truth about his 'abusive' history.

Man explodes at family dinner, exposes the awful truth about his 'abusive' history.


When this man is furious with his family, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for ruining a large family dinner and embarrassing my mum by calling out years of casual abuse against me?'

For context I (20/m) am half East Asian on my mother's side and half Middle Eastern on my father's side, born and raised in Australia.

I look almost entirely Middle Eastern. For as long as I can remember, family members on my mum's side would tease and make jokes about my appearance.

Growing up my nickname was 'brown guy' in their language. When I was like 9 years old, my cousins and I came home after playing outside all day and I teased them for having tons of mosquito bites while I barely had any.

My auntie overheard this and told me 'That's because the blood of brown people just doesn't taste as sweet'.

My mum was facetiming her cousins from overseas one time and asked me to talk to them. As soon as she passed me the phone they said 'What the hell is Osama Bin Laden doing here?'.

There were countless instances of shit like this happening throughout my childhood and it definitely caused a lot of insecurities about my appearance/heritage growing up.

Three years ago my uncle on my mum's side held a large dinner party at his place with many family members attending, including some from overseas. We were all at a table eating when one of my aunts cracked the usual racist joke about me and EVERYONE started laughing.

I genuinely don't remember what she said but for some reason this was the straw that broke that camel's back. I was at that age where I knew how wrong racism was and how I needed to stand up for myself. I legit exploded. I stood up and told them that I've endured their bullshit for my entire life and I've finally had enough.

I said that I regret being born into such a stupid, uneducated family and that there wasn't a single adult in the family that I respected. The whole table went quiet and I demanded my mum to drive me home because I couldn't stand being around them any longer. My aunt tried to apologise and say it was just a joke but I stormed out the door.

When I got home my mum told me she was extremely disappointed and embarrassed by what I did. Said I was overly serious over a harmless joke. She told me everyone in the family genuinely loves me and didn't wish me any harm at all.

She went on to show me a photo album of my aunts and uncles holding me as baby and talked about how much they helped her get started in Australia.

She said that although no one in the family got a proper university education, they all worked their asses off to come to Australia and give the next generation the opportunity to do so. At this point I was crying uncontrollably and felt extremely bad for what I said.

They've stopped the jokes ever since. AITA?

Let's find out.

greyskies writes:

Yep. It's not a joke. They were always laughing at him, not with him. And it's not harmless. NTA.

miserablecohort writes:

NTA, racism is not a joke. It's sad that your mother cares more for her siblings that you. You should ask her why it was okay for them to disparage you based on race but not for you to hold a mirror to them? Your mother and the rest of your family are the RACIST assholes.

severemetat76 writes:

NTA and I as a mother am so so sorry that your mother failed to be a real mother! She did not protect you and instead allowed others to verbally and emotionally abuse you with their racist words.

They were not jokes. Please get therapy to help you see all of this and work through it. I'm sending you the biggest internet hug I can.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

Sources: Reddit
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