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Man upsets GF when she finds out what he did to figure out her 'secret family recipe.'

Man upsets GF when she finds out what he did to figure out her 'secret family recipe.'


When this BF is attacked by his GF for figuring out her family recipe, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for figuring out my GF's secret family recipe?'

A week ago, I(24m) had dinner at her (23f) place, and her mom made this absolutely divine pasta. She said the sauce recipe had been craftily modified by her family across generations and everyone who learned of it was sworn to secrecy.

Later, I was craving it again, so I asked my gf to make it since she knows the secret family recipe. She agreed, and went out to get groceries for it (along with the some other stuff I asked her to pick up for me).

After dinner, I asked her how much I owe her for the stuff she bought for me, and she said “I don’t remember, just check the bill.”

I checked it, and while looking for my stuff on it, I found a bunch of really unique and surprising ingredients that I figured she must’ve added to the pasta sauce.

I really love reverse engineering dishes and figuring out their recipes, so I had some suspicion already. The rest of the ingredients (that she already had at home) I figured out by taste.

So I decided to try hand at the recipe based on the information at hand and made what I can call a pretty much perfect copy.

I had her try it to confirm and she asked me how I managed to figure out the mystery ingredients and I confessed the grocery bill was a big help.

She’s kind of upset because she suspected I tricked her into making it and is saying that she failed her family by not guarding the recipe well enough.

After I explained myself, she believes it was an accident but thinks I should’ve pushed it out of my mind as soon as I learned about it and respected the secrecy instead of making the sauce. AITA?

Let's find out.

pedroyid writes:

NTA. It's pretty impossible for me to avoid reading things that are right in my face. That's not how the mind works, especially if he glanced at the ingredients. He said he had some of it figured out already, so I can't blame him for adding 2+2.

He shouldn't have reproduced it to her (but if it's good, I'd reproduce it for me), but for me it was more of a dumb move rather than AH.

Personally, I think secret recipes are dumb so I have him as NTA.

colonelsanders419 writes:

This to me is key why he TA. He figured out what the ingredients were based on the receipt so he could pay her. Then he either memorized or wrote them down.

Then, tested it out in secret and then had her try it once he thought he had it down and thought she would be.... impressed... amazed....happy? I don't understand his end game.

Besides getting tasty noms he'll have to cook cause she'll either never do it again for him or toss its going to be an ex-gf cause he boundary stomped all over her.

lilbit1207 writes:

And OP tried to play all innocent now that he sees his gf doesn't think it's all that clever , by saying he 'happened to see it' when looking at the receipt to figure out what she owed him!! As if it were an accident!!

He even said on his post he actively looked on the receipt when he was adding things up to figure out what those ingredients were!! But now he is trying to play it off to his gf because she is upset!!

Btw OP, YTA!!! You did not have to do figure out the ingredients and have your gf try it just so you could say, 'Look at me!!! Look what I did!!!' It's not cute and it's just a dick move!!

Your gf and her family are proud of their recipe, even if you figured it out on your own without looking for the ingredients, you could've let it go and let your gf have that!!! But nope!!!! YTA!!

Looks like the jury's out on this one. Is OP an AH or was this something fun his GF could have enjoyed? What do YOU think?

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