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Man makes brother and SIL move to hotel when for not following his 'bathroom rules.'

Man makes brother and SIL move to hotel when for not following his 'bathroom rules.'


When this man is upset with his guests, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for forcing my guests to move to a hotel after they refused to follow my bathroom rules?'

I live in a country with terrible plumbing. If you flush toilet paper you are pretty much guaranteed to back up your toilet. I grew up in Colorado so I know how weird it is to wipe and then put the paper in a garbage can instead of just flushing it.

So I installed a wand bidet in all three washrooms in my retirement house. So after you go you just spray your backside down nice and clean. Then you use the toilet paper to dry. Nice, simple, and less gross in my opinion. I wish I had these when I lived in the states.

So my brother and his wife came down for a visit. I told them the rules for the bathroom and they both said that they understood. Apparently not. They clogged the two public bathrooms the first day. Then they asked to use the one in my room. Nope that's mine.

They asked me where they were supposed to go to the bathroom. I pointed them to the clogged ones and offered them a plunger and a drain snake. They said I was the host and it was my responsibility. I laughed in their faces.

So they packed up and left. They found a hotel and now they are on social media complaining about the sh*thole country I chose to retire to and calling me a terrible host for inviting them down but not letting them use my bathroom.

I posted pictures of my bathrooms after they clogged them and asked if they knew who did that to my home? They called me gross and immature for talking about their bathroom habits.

I'm lost. They brought it up first. Anyways they are calling me an as*hole because they are having to spend money on a hotel when I live in a really nice house with guest rooms.

But now everyone who knows the bathroom rules for down here is calling them idiots for not using the bidet or putting the toilet paper in the receptacle. AITA?

Let's find out.

hunnbunn13 writes:

NTA, lmao they clogged two toilets and are made you won’t let me clog the third ? Even after being warned the toilet WILL clog if the tissue gets flushed but still did it a second time.

The bidet is a nice happy middle ground and reasonable accommodation. You didn’t make them take a squat in the yard and wipe up with leaves lol

tequilafeti writes:

NTA.My boyfriend went out of his way to buy me a plunger at 6AM after he clogged my toilet and realized I didn’t have a plunger nearby.

Rather than waking me up to ask if one of my roommates might have one in their bathrooms, this man took his early morning dump, and drove to three different stores to find a plunger for me so I wouldn’t have to deal with it… the fact some of y’all are MARRIED and your grown ass husbands can’t even do that is insane. I’m glad I’ve found a keeper lol

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