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Man on plane gets into fight with a father after he says, 'discipline your son.'

Man on plane gets into fight with a father after he says, 'discipline your son.'


When this man is concerned about an altercation he had on a plane, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to change my seat for a separated father and son but also complaining about having to sit next to said son?'

I was flying out to see some friends a few days ago and the typical 'Parent and child are separated' scenario happened. I was sat next to the son, who seemed to be about 5-6ish, while the father was sat a few rows behind us. At first they asked me to switch seats.

And you know what? I give them the benefit of the doubt. I've had problems with not getting the seat I paid for before too so I knew it wasn't necessarily their fault that they were separated.

HOWEVER, I paid extra for a legroom seat, so I wasn't very willing to give it up. The father asked around and tried to arrange something with other passengers, however no one he asked was willing to go through the hassle of moving and eventually he was told to sit down.

Well, as soon as we started moving, I knew it was going to be one hell of a plane ride. The son seemed to be nervous and he started screaming during the take-off.

Not too bloodcurling, just a regular child scream. He wasn't any better during the flight. He was either sobbing (which me and the other person seated next to him tried to resolve), looking a bit too much at my screen, or eating like a slob.

I know he's a child so I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but even children at that age are usually better behaved.

The best parts of the flight were whenever he went to sit on his father's lap for a bit, which wasn't much as the flight attendants didn't like that. After 7 hours of this, the father came to take his son and asked: 'Did you make friends with your neighbours?' to which the boy said yes. The father laughed and said 'Kids, am I right? Were you able to tolerate him?'

And this question was a bit too much for sleep deprived me, so I calmly told the father the things I mentioned earlier. I said. 'Maybe discipline your kid.'

Well, he wasn't glad with those words. He told me that if I knew that I was going to have trouble with sitting next to an unaccompanied kid for so long I should've just moved. Well, this turned into a big argument and eventually we both just stormed off. Not a single person I know in real life is on my side. So, AITA?\

Let's find out.

inkymadness writes:

The dad specifically asked around so much, and for so long, that the airline attendant had to ask him to sit down. The dad tried. OP admits it in his comments.

Which makes OP TA because he apparently thinks that a 5-6 year old is fully capable of behaving on a long flight, during which they’re mostly unattended? OP got what he wanted with the legroom. He wasn’t able to have his cake and eat it too.

tragedyrose writes:

YTA. The dad was stuck in a crap situation that was beyond his control and did his absolute best. He tried to get seats switched. He checked on his kid, held his kid on his lap, soothed and shepherded and he was likely a complete ball of anxiety the entire time.

Then OP kicks him when he's down instead of just moving on, or, better yet, saying a kind word or two. OP is spiteful.

lizablue4u writes:

Yep. YTA. As you described the scenario, it wasn't the father's fault the airline separated their seats, and certainly not the kid's fault for acting like a kid when his dad wasn't there to supervise because no one would change seats. You had an opportunity to move away from the kid, and chose not too. You made your choice, so stop complaining.

Well, looks like OP is TA. Poor dad and kid! They were doing the best they could!

Sources: Reddit
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