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Man holds sister's wedding dress 'hostage' after what she does to his son.

Man holds sister's wedding dress 'hostage' after what she does to his son.


When this man is upset with his sister, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for holding my sister's wedding dress hostage?'

I (40m) have a sister (30f) who is getting married in a week. The groom proposed to her a year ago at a family dinner that left everyone speechless, but very happy for them as they are longtime companions.

During this dinner, my sister asked my son (17m) to make her wedding dress. My son has always loved design and fashion, he took technical courses in these areas and sewing, and even his friends keep asking for his clothes because they are so beautiful.

He agreed, but said that he needed time and that he would need her opinion constantly.

At first my sister was very annoying. My son drew about 50 dress designs in a month and she only liked one, which he continued with.

He sewed it with great quality fabric which I paid for as I wanted to get involved in a certain way. For five months he made several adjustments to suit her wishes, as she always complained about something.

After a while, he arrived at the final model and it was just amazing. My mother cried seeing my sister in the dress and I confess that I almost got emotional too.

The problem was that last week my son came to talk to me about the wedding invitation that had not arrived for him, but for other family members.

I thought maybe he didn't need one, but it still felt weird. I messaged my sister raising this issue and she replied that she didn't want any underage people at her wedding because there would be alcohol. I asked if she was going to make an exception for my son, but she cut me off and said no.

There are no children in our family, my son is the only minor, so I didn't see any sense in this rule for family members.

And to make matters worse, my son was very sad and cried because he spent months on this dress and couldn't go to the wedding. I was very upset and told my sister that she should look for another dress as soon as possible, as she would no longer wear the one my son made.

She called and yelled at me, saying I was being unreasonable and that I couldn't do this. My mother called me saying I should deliver the dress and follow the rules, but I didn't and hung up on her.

Because of this, the family is divided. Many agree with me and condemn my sister's action saying she could only make an exception, but another part says I'm unreasonable and I'm spoiling her big day.

I don't think I'm being wrong but just rational and paying her back in kind. So AITA?

Let's find out.

bhalitempest writes:

OP, NTA. Personally, I'd offer your sister the chance to pay your son for his labor and design. He needs to crunch the numbers and give a price. She meets it, cool. No? What a shame, someone will pay for it.

captnsimila writes:

NTA. Your sister has no morals or loyalty. She 100% knew she would never invite your son because as soon as one person asked where she got the dress, your son would have been given praise.

She is so vain, childish, and shallow that she is unwilling to let one fraction of a second of attention to anyone who is not her.

She didn’t tell your son upfront because she didn’t want to pay a dime.

trelankasoho writes:

NTA but your sister definitely is. She doesn't want her almost adult nephew who designed and made her dress at her wedding because ... there would be alcohol? I could understand if she didn't want to make an exception for a friend, or even a cousin.

Making an exception for her only minor nephew, especially given that she could have pointed him out when people asked about the dress, would have been not only understandable but practically obligatory to anyone hearing about the circumstances.

Looks like OP is NTA. What would YOU do if you were in this situation?

Sources: Reddit
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