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Man at family wake moans sensually in reaction to pie, in laws lose their sh*t on him.

Man at family wake moans sensually in reaction to pie, in laws lose their sh*t on him.


Sometimes food is so delicious, you have to react audibly with an 'mmmm' or an 'ahhhh.' But apparently, some people find this type of reaction offensive and inappropriate. When this man moans sensually at a memorial service and offends his wife's entire family, he wonders if he made a mistake.

Take a look at this hilarious Reddit post:

'AITA for ' moaning ?'

I need to know if IATA or if this is a hill I should die on. My (34M) wife's (34F Anna) always bragging about what a great baker her grandmother, Edna, is.

She used to own an award winning bakery. We were at my wife late aunt Helen's wake. It was a small gathering, Edna brought along what was apparently Helens favourite pie that Edna made. It was a chocolate pie.

Anna offered me a slice and I turned it down, as I am not a fan of such food, however Anna insisted and Edna chimed in. I politely accepted a slice. Turns out Edna makes the best chocolate pie you have ever had.

Ever. It's so decadent. I can see why it was Aunt Helen's favourite. I made a sound to express how delicious I found the pie to be, however Edna just stared. I didn't think much of it as we are at a wake/funeral and it's not a joyful event.

I then asked my wife if it would be okay if I tried some of the whipped cream to enjoy with the pie , she silently passed me the cream. I know I made another sound, but it was just a nice 'mmm' sound- again to show my pleasure.

Edna soon left the table and my wife followed. I assumed for grieving reasons.

On the car ride home my wife told me how I made her 94year old grandmother so uncomfortable as I was moaning loudly and repeatedly at the table. My wife said it was over the top and her grandmother called it 'vulgar'.

I told my wife I was not moaning sexually over the pie, however she did not believe me as she said I moaned harder after she passed me the whipped cream and I made a scene at the wake, moaning 'sensually' over chocolate pie and whipped cream while licking my lips and fingers (I'm sorry, is this a crime?).

As she was telling me this she got a text from her brother apparently joking about the 'erotic pie', and it made her more pissed at me.

I honestly don't see how IATA or if she is just grieving and making up reasons to fight.

I know I made some sounds, but they were 'mmmm' sounds you make when something is delicious, it was a moan to express pleasure of the pie, clearly not to indicate my arousal, I was not aroused by the pie. AITA here? Should I just apologise?

Let's see what Reddit had to say about OP's 'moaning.'

weeklybumblee79 writes:

NTA. I see no problem here, assuming that the pie gave its consent.

polytheist7 writes:

Giving a brief “Mmm” wouldn’t have bothered me, but a grownup licking their fingers while at a funeral after-event, among in-laws he doesn’t know too well — heck, in any kind of a public setting — is kind of childishly gross. OP is YTA.

literallyconfused writes:

YTA for digging in.

Apparently it was enough for 3 different people to notice and comment on at a wake.

You comment here about 2 different queues that something you were doing was off but you just ignored it and assumed grieving. getting looks, them leaving, everyone goes quiet.

Maybe if this were a regular dinner where someone introduced you to a family recipe, but it was a funeral and there's an extra expectation that it's not about you and you need to read the room you are in.

Looks like the internet is divided on this one. Should OP have moaned so intensely? Would YOU have moaned?

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